Test Strip Contest – Prizes Update

I wanted to let everyone know what the actual prizes were for our contest winners.

Our lucky winners were Caro from Diabetes Wise, and Kerri from Six Until Me.

Getting a prize to Caro was interesting, because she’s overseas. I really wanted to get her a six-pack of Diet Cherry Coke, in honor of her post about it and its general lack of availability over there. Unfortunately I can’t send pop (or soda) in the mail, so we had to come up with something else. To get around huge shipping costs and therefore getting Caro the most prize I could afford without eating most of it up with shipping, I got her a e-giftcard to Amazon.co.uk, which is a localized version of our Amazon.com. That way she is able to actually spend my gift to her on something besides shipping. 🙂 I sent her a total of 15 pounds no pennies. Works out to somewhere around $26 US dollars.

Can anyone guess what I got for Kerri?


Appropriate, don’t you think?

Thanks again for everyone participating – I hope it was as fun for you all as it was for me! I’m working on another contest, but I can’t count that many strips in a single sitting – so it may take some time before I get it all added up and posted. 🙂

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