Pictures Speak Volumes (An AUTS Moment…)

I haven’t posted in a while – just been feeling very busy. I’ve got a few things on my mind I want to share, but just haven’t had the opportunity to sit down and hammer them out.

But every once in a while you are presented with an opportunity that just screams for your attention. This morning was one such opportunity:

This all started back when I was having so much fun with the whole “AUTS” (Another Used Test Strip) thing.

I was upstairs throwing my kids around wrestling with my kids in the bed. Right next to the bed is my nightstand which, among other things, has one of my test kits. As we all know, my test strips don’t make it into the garbage. They just collect around the test kit that they originated from.

My wife came in the room and we started talking about test strips and the contest I was doing. She grabbed one of the used strips on the nightstand, licked a small portion of the backside of it, and stuck it to her forehead. “Hey kids – look!” she called – Oh, the kids just loved it, and of course started grabbing for the strips and plastering them all over their face.

Now keep in mind that this all happened months ago.

This morning, out of nowhere, my daughter walked into the bathroom with a test strip stuck to her forehead…

My daughter with a test strip stuck to her forehead

After pointing this out to my wife, I headed to the bedroom to grab the famous cameraphone to capture the moment. With daughter in tow from the bathroom, and cameraphone now in hand, we have yet another genuine AUTS moment captured on the blog.

Goodness, the things kids pick up, eh?

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