Housekeeping (no really, just some housekeeping stuff)

I’ve changed around the order of the “sections” in the sidebar. I was getting a little annoyed at how long and unmanageable it all seemed, so I re-ordered it.

I’ve also added a link to a web page I’ve had around for a while where I’ve been keeping track of my A1C’s over the years (viewer discretion advised – explicitly high readings) as well as some weekly BG records. There’s a large gap in the BG records, but that’s life.

I also moved my list of links onto it’s own page. I love all of you bloggers out there, and would update that list every time I came across a new blog. It just got to be too long and I felt it was distracting. So, it’s on it’s own page now.

I moved the webring code up in the page, so it should be more noticeable now and easier to get at.

I think that’s about it – but I might continue to tweak it a little bit. Please let me know if you find something that is broken, doesn’t work right, or simply looks funny (besides my picture, thank you!).


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Scott, I think you’re doing a wonderful job logging everything. It does make a difference. I have been doing that for my food and although I don’t like (hate) it, it does make a tremendous difference. I’ve not logged anything as far as my bg, although I do have some software for it. After reading and seeing all this, I might get myself back into it. In the past, I used to create some very complicated spreadsheets in Excel & I was really proud of all the progress I was making. I thought it looked really cool. (I was really… Read more »
Scott K. Johnson
Nic – Thanks! A “set change” rate is something I’ve set up in my pump (I use a Cozmo, which lets me customize (using the computer) the names of some of the menu items). I normally use an insulin to carb ratio of 1:7.5 (so one unit of insulin will “cover” 7.5 grams of carbohydrates). But, I’ve been having a lot of trouble with the first meal I eat after changing my infusion set. I’ve been experimenting with using a different ratio for that first meal. So, something like 1 unit covers 6.5 grams of carbs (resulting in more insulin).… Read more »

Snazzy! The posts of your blood sugars are really cool, and your notes are informative and educational. I’m learning things. A question: What’s a set change rate?

Scott K. Johnson
Skytor – I had been using “Diabetic’s Pocket Insulin Manager” – I think I mentioned that in a comment on your blog? Maybe – I can’t remember. I really liked the program, but I think it’s been abandoned by the developer. Even still, I have not been able to find anything I liked better. I’m not exactly sure why I stopped using it – I think I was having problems with having to reset the basal rates after I generated a report. Never got an answer back on a support inquiry I sent in. It’s worth checking out either way.… Read more »


The OC Webring doesn’t flow over into your posts now (I probably should have mentioned that to you sooner, huh? Sorry).

I like the pdf version of your logbook too. How’d you do that? And just so you know, I’ve added some more stats to the logbook (a logbook 2.0, if you will). If you’re interested, I’ll happily send it along.

This type of housekeeping is so much more fun than real housekeeping…