And The Winner Is…

Prize information updated below!

I intended to post the winner of my “AUTS Contest Number Two ” over the weekend, but family activities and great weather kept me away from the computer for the whole weekend – as it well should have.

Instead I spent the weekend doing fun stuff and some yard work, and getting sunburned like an old lobster. It took a nice red coloring and most of Saturday morning before I remembered to apply the sunscreen.

Without further adieu – our winner is “J” from “Kiss My Sweet Sticks !”. The winning guess? 347!

There were a WHOPPING 353 strips in the case!!!

No – I can’t believe it either… I should be sent away for having that many used strips in any one given place. Wait until you see contest number three…

J” will soon be receiving a “real world prize” (as opposed to some virtual internet kudos) for her winning guess. Congratulations!!

Thanks to everyone for their participation! And let this be a lesson to you – throw them strips away!!! Do not end up like me (if you do have a bad habit of holding onto test strips, just be sure to not let Julia (from Major Bedhead) know about it, or she’ll give you a hard time about it)! :-p

Thanks again to all who participated!

The prize that “J” has won is a $25 gift card to!

Congratulations again “J”!!

Stay tuned for the grand finale! Coming soon!

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