Tonight I’ve been thinking about Kerri’s post back in September about being hungry.

And I’m hungry tonight. I feel weird, like my blood sugar is low – but I’ve been steadily at around 110 mg/dl for the last hour or so.

Why don’t I eat something?

Well, I’m waiting for my family to pick me up (the truck is in the shop – except for the rust and other miscellaneous pieces that have fallen off lately). We might go out to eat.

So I don’t want to eat anything right now.

The thing is, I keep checking my blood sugar!! I mean like 5 or 6 times in the past hour!!! I feel like I’m low – but I’m not. And it’s very confusing to me!!

I’m sure this is not the first time that I’ve been hungry, and not low. Usually I’m hungry with a blood sugar in the 200’s or something!

That’s an exaggeration, but I’m just saying that I’m feeling particularly disconnected tonight. And it’s got me poking my fingers more than the crowd at the AARP National Sewing Convention.

I am glad that my blood sugar is good – but I’m a little distracted by the signals I’m getting. The signals that normally tell me I need to get something in me, or I’m in trouble.

Distracted. That’s a good word for it.


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6 thoughts on “Distracted?

  1. I cannot let the Sewing Convention comment pass without saying LMAO!!!

    I had this happen in WDW on Vacation. I swore I was low, then after checking about a million times it seemed, I was sure I was having a stroke or some brain tumor or something else horrible that my imagination decided to create.

  2. I remember one time I was talking about lows with a diabetic friend of mine and I swear I was low the whole time. I kept checking and actually my blood sugar was going up, but I felt sooo low. It was horrible. One of those psychological things, I know. The more you talk about something, the more you feel like it’s happening. So annoying.

  3. HUNGER has nothing to do with if you need food. I am totally convinced that if you assume that hunger is telling you one needs to eat, and you then eat, you will often get yourself into big trouble. I believ that one is NOT hungry when your bg values are steady and around 80-100. Usually that is when you are not hungry, but there even exceptions to that rule. Me too, i have had days when all I thought about was, when is the next meal. If I say WTF I will eat more and bolus for it, I STILL REMAIN HUNGRY. So why eat if eating will not help? But hunger is a VERY strong motivator and me too, even if I KNOW eating will not help and I KNOW that bg values will just swing more I do cave in some times…… What should I blame the endodorphins(spelling)? Science does not know enough! Don’t I wish we understood this more. The closest I can get to truth is that keeping the bg values near 80-100 is the best way to prevent hunger, but it is NOT full proof.

  4. Scott,
    Sometimes when I’ve been running high for a few days and then find myself in a target range I think the “low” feeling (in addition to the hunger) is from the body’s reference point being all screwed up. 100 feels low because you’ve come from an abnormal high.
    And, if you’ve been constantly high for several weeks or months (or years, as I was) then you, in a weird way, “adapt” and enter into a state of “glucose intoxication”. When I started to work on my control about 5 years ago I felt sick, really sick for a couple of months. The CDE told me it was not unusual -just the poor body not knowing which way was up.

  5. ooOooOoh. I had one of those days about a week ago. I think it’s the best way to explain a low blood sugar to some one though–the feeling you get when you’re hungry and you don’t eat so you continue to be hungry. The point where your body is telling you enough is enough and you need to eat. However, the odd thing is when we, as diabetics on the pump, hold off on eating and get this quite natural feeling called hunger–a feeling not afforded us by our old regimines of NPH and Humalog perhaps. It’s an odd little feeling. So last week, I held off on dinner until it was more convenient and paid the price in fingers pricked.

    I know what you’re talking about. 🙂