I Hate Measuring Food!

Another one of my many trouble areas is that I do almost everything I can to avoid actually measure or weigh any of my foods.

This includes depending heavily on pre-packaged, already measured foods, also just SWAG or LADCS bolusing. Pretty much whatever it takes to not weigh or measure my food.

Old Kitchen ScaleIt’s not that I don’t know how – I’m comfortable with the tools of the trade, and do actually know how to use the equipment. When you start throwing conversions and stuff at me, I get a little shaky though…

For some reason it is the actual act of weighing and measuring that really dredges up some powerful negative emotions for me. I don’t know exactly what that is all about.

And the thing is, I completely understand that it is a very necessary and vital part of “getting it right”. Logically it makes all the sense in the world. So why is it so hard for me? Why do I work so hard to avoid it, and pay such a steep price for doing so?

I know that I’m not alone in hating this part of diabetes control or management. Who else out there struggles with this? How have you worked through it to achieve some sort of balance?

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Scott K. Johnson

Patient voice, speaker, writer, advocate, and Senior Community Manager at Blue Circle Health. Living life with diabetes and telling my story. All opinions expressed are my own and do not necessarily represent my employer’s position. Read more…

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