The other day my three-year-old daughter asked me what fingernails are for.

I told her that they are for scratching itches and picking up test strips off the floor.

My daughter with a test strip stuck to her forehead

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10 thoughts on “Fingernails

  1. Seconding the biting thing.

    A friend of mine who is a vet told me a somewhat frightening story: She has a canine patient who was having lots of abdominal bleeding issues. They did an xray and saw this strange rectangular thing in his stomach. So she did some kind of scope thing on the dog… and guess what was in his stomach and causing all the trouble? A TEST STRIP!! Turns out his owner has type 1.

  2. That was a very good answer Scott but dude, WTF is up with Toe Nails? I always get ingrown toe nails and I was complaining the other night about their purpose.

    I told my wife, “Can’t i just get them removed? They seem lame to me.”

    She just shook her head and walked away. Oh well.

  3. ha ha ha that is sooooo true. now i have cats to help me pick up my test strips off of the floor. it comes in handy, i need to train them to throw them away too.

  4. And peeling labels off of things. They used to be good for slitting plastic bags–is it just me or have all the plastic bags gotten impossible to slit with your nails?