Basketball and Temporary Rates

Cozmo pump with attached CoZmonitor
Cozmo pump with attached CoZmonitor

Does the body become accustomed to exercise, requiring less and less of a temporary basal rate over time?

When playing basketball was new, my temporary rate was pretty aggressive. And it seemed to work pretty good.

But lately I have been running higher and higher during and afterwards – so I’ve begun to wonder if my temporary basal rates are just not cutting it for me anymore? Has my body become accustomed to basketball, and is no longer needing me to set such an aggressive temporary rate?

And if so, what happens if I take a couple of weeks off? Falling a bit out of shape, then starting back up again – will I be back where I started, or where I left off, or somewhere in the middle?

Or, another thought – what if it is something else altogether? Nothing at all to do with my temporary rates?


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