And while we’re at it…

I am up late tonight.

I can’t seem to put the computer away and sign off for the night.

I saw that Martha O’Connor had updated her blog, and I went to check it out. She posted a link to a photo gallery about young kids with type 1 diabetes by Teresa Ollila. This stuff is powerful, and when they say pictures say a thousand words, this is a perfect example.

The timing of me stumbling across these (thank you Martha!) just seemed too important to ignore.

Teresa Ollila’s photo project (website no longer active)

Diabetes Galleries by Teresa Ollila

Diabetes galleries by Teresa Ollila

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4 thoughts on “And while we’re at it…

  1. Scott

    Thanks man. I’ve still got tears in my eyes over that picture of a baby getting a shot in its leg.

    These are powerful pictures – have a box of Kleenex nearby as you look at them.

  2. I was looking at that as well lastnite. Powerfull indeed. I will be adding that as a link as well. Everyone needs to see those.

  3. What photos – they say a million words! What an artist! I just wish it were possible to attach Teresa’s projet onto my blogline feeds!