To Move Mountains

The truth is what it is.

Diabetes sucks. At least for me. At least most of the time.

When I posted A Call to Action, I just let it out. I didn’t pull any punches or sugar coat my feelings. I worried about what so many of you parents would experience when reading it. But also felt that I just needed to put it out there.

When talking motivation for finding a cure, people need to know that it is not Ok to just settle on insulin and make money on the supplies we need. People need to know what it is like to live with type 1 diabetes.

But I also want to share the other side of all of that.

It's a Good DayI live a good life.

I have experienced many wonderful things, many not-so-wonderful things, and a lot that fall in the middle somewhere.

I am a good father to two wonderful kids.

I am a good husband to an amazing wife.

I am a thankful and gracious son to my awe inspiring mom & dad.

I am a proud brother to the best little sister in the world.

I am a successful and valuable asset to my employer.

I am a lot of things, and diabetes has not gotten in the way too much.

While it is always there, and I have to always be aware of it. Mindful in how I deal with it, and respectful of it’s dangerous aspects. It does not stop me from living and experiencing life. All the good and bad that it brings.

My life is not all about diabetes. My life is about life, and family, and happiness, and joy, and pain, and everything else that everyone’s life is about. I just have to carry my diabetes around with that.

Sometimes it is very heavy. Crushing, in fact.

But as I’ve said before – I am strong (we are strong), and there are times where I don’t notice the weight so much. Times where I’m wrapped up in life just like anyone else.

Those of us dealing with chronic conditions like type 1 diabetes, we find a way to make it work. We find a way to do what we want to do in life.

Life does not stop just because diabetes is along for the ride.

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8 thoughts on “To Move Mountains

  1. Scott-

    Don’t ever hold anything back.

    Yes, you’re right– it is hard as a parent to read of the grown-up realities of this disease.

    But for all the pain and frustration you express in your previous post, you are still an amazing role model for my child.

    Because Scott, despite everything diabetes has thrown at you– continues to throw at you — you’re a good man. And you’ve made a good life for yourself.

    That’s the best thing I could ever hope for my son.

  2. You’ve put to words so many of the thoughts I’ve had. Thank you.

    I feel the fear and frustration often, but I also reflect often on what a great life I’ve had the opportunity to live and how I haven’t let diabetes interfere too too much.

    It’s difficult to feel open about discussing the negative side of living with diabetes with people you love and people who love you back. It makes them very uncomfortable, but at the same time, I think it’s important to discuss and plan and process the difficulties we go through and the difficulties we are likely to face.

    Thanks again, Scott.

  3. Scott, Amen to this. I have lived such a full and wonderful life. In fact, if it were to end tomorrow, I would feel okay with what I have accomplished. I have my beautiful wonderful cihldren and an awesome relationship with Bob, my loving guy. I’ve managed to run not one but two half-marathons. I’ve proven to everyone in my life that you can do ANYTHING and be diabetic. It doesn’t make being diabetic any easier, it just makes life that much more rewarding.

  4. Scott-
    Great post. But so was the other one. You should not be afraid of what we parents are going to feel, good or bad we NEED the honesty. That is something I admire about your blog, you are honest. This is a good thing. Your family is very blessed because of you.

  5. I think it’s important to put weight on EVERYTHING you feel and deal with…both the positive and the negative.

    While looking at the negative, it helps to see and appreciate the good all the more.

    I take a lot from the posts the PWD’s write as it helps me to gain perspective on everything I deal with concerning Brendon. Posts like yours show me that even with the burden, a great life can be led 🙂

  6. Amen. I think it’s important to note that diabetes, while all-encompassing, isn’t the only thing about all of us. It’s just one thing. ALl-encompassing, yes. But not th only thing.