Which Way is Down

I have some very exciting news to share!

I have recently been invited to contribute to the Viewpoints section on dLife.com!

In such honorable company as Amy Tenderich from Diabetes Mine and Kerri Morrone from Six Until Me!

I feel like I’m in the company of SUPERSTARS!!


My new column is called “Which Way is Down“, and I’ll be on board for at least a three-month “trial” run.

If you enjoy my blog, I feel that you will also enjoy what I have to share in my column. Sometimes living with diabetes is a never-ending source of things to write about. I’m hoping to share my experiences with people in the hopes that they (you) might be able to gain some insight, avoid mistakes that I make, and shorten the learning curve for things that are similar in your situation.

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28 thoughts on “Which Way is Down

  1. I’m so excited for you Scott!

    And I’m excited for me, because I’ll get to read more from you!

    Congratulations, that’s really really cool 🙂

  2. I got news for ya, pal.

    You’re in with the superstars ’cause you’re a superstar too.

    Great news, congrats, and I’m looking forward to reading your stuff over at dLife too!

  3. WOW too cool……. i am so happy for you. You have a great writting style that makes it easy for people to understand. I will be looking forward to reading all of it.

  4. Welcome aboard, Scott! I can hardly wait to read more of you!!

    (This stuff is addictive, isn’t it??)

    All the best,

  5. oh gosh I feel so lucky to come accross your blog.. My mom is a diabetic, I have the hardest time understanding what she is going through, especially when she wants to eat something sweet and am against it…

  6. Yay. When you become super famous, we all can say, “I knew him when he just wrote a blog.”

    Congrats! Thanks for giving me another reason to visit the dlife site.


    You have always been a superstar in my book dude.

    Well, you can count me in as a faithful reader!