What’s Missing?

I took advantage of the incredible weather we had here this weekend and took my kayak out for the first time of the season.

I found everything I thought I needed, worked a bit to load the kayak on top of my old truck (the work loading it is the price of admission – the cost of enjoying a good time), and hit the road.

A short 15 minute drive down the scenic Wirth Parkway here in Minneapolis, and I was on the shore of Cedar Lake. I parked, unloaded the kayak, stuck all my gear into it and strapped on the wheels.

The what?!

The wheels. See, I can’t park right at the shoreline near a good launch point. So, I have these wheels that strap onto the front of the kayak, then I can grab the other end and “wheel” it to the launch point. Works much better than having to pick it up and try to carry it. One of the best inventions around.

Anywho – so I wheel the kayak to the launch point, get all my stuff ready, and crack open the waterproof case that I keep my testing supplies in. I wanted to test before getting behind the paddle. But – I was missing something. Can you spot it?

My kit missing an important piece

Meter? Check.
Test Strips? Check.
Chapstick? Check.
A funky orange watch? Check (wtf?).
Glucose Tabs? Check & Check.
What else do I need? Oh yeah – blood. I’ve got that inside of me, but no way to get to it! No lancing device! Doh!

I do keep an emergency knife on my life vest, but I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to stab myself with that just to do a test. Well, actually I tried a little bit, but wussed out. I just couldn’t do it.

I decided that I had plenty of stuff with me (in addition to the glucose tabs in the picture), and that I would just go for it.

Everything worked out fine, I didn’t get wet, I saw lots of turtles, and made it back home in one piece. A beautiful day.

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