What’s Missing?

I took advantage of the incredible weather we had here this weekend and took my kayak out for the first time of the season.

I found everything I thought I needed, worked a bit to load the kayak on top of my old truck (the work loading it is the price of admission – the cost of enjoying a good time), and hit the road.

A short 15 minute drive down the scenic Wirth Parkway here in Minneapolis, and I was on the shore of Cedar Lake. I parked, unloaded the kayak, stuck all my gear into it and strapped on the wheels.

The what?!

The wheels. See, I can’t park right at the shoreline near a good launch point. So, I have these wheels that strap onto the front of the kayak, then I can grab the other end and “wheel” it to the launch point. Works much better than having to pick it up and try to carry it. One of the best inventions around.

Anywho – so I wheel the kayak to the launch point, get all my stuff ready, and crack open the waterproof case that I keep my testing supplies in. I wanted to test before getting behind the paddle. But – I was missing something. Can you spot it?

My kit missing an important piece

Meter? Check.
Test Strips? Check.
Chapstick? Check.
A funky orange watch? Check (wtf?).
Glucose Tabs? Check & Check.
What else do I need? Oh yeah – blood. I’ve got that inside of me, but no way to get to it! No lancing device! Doh!

I do keep an emergency knife on my life vest, but I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to stab myself with that just to do a test. Well, actually I tried a little bit, but wussed out. I just couldn’t do it.

I decided that I had plenty of stuff with me (in addition to the glucose tabs in the picture), and that I would just go for it.

Everything worked out fine, I didn’t get wet, I saw lots of turtles, and made it back home in one piece. A beautiful day.

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17 thoughts on “What’s Missing?

  1. that’s happened to me before on a bike ride, and my meter once broke during a triathlon. My BG at the end? 123. hmph. I probably would have done worse with the meter.

  2. I’m glad your day went well, despite the absence of the lancing device! I cringed when I read you were considering the knife though LOL – I’m glad you didn’t go that route.

  3. I got that case at a local REI sports outfitter. It is totally waterproof and even floats!


  4. Scott, I have to say that I spotted the missing item after just one quick peak at your box. Too bad, too, since you had so many FREAKIN’ STRIPS!!

    I was running around just last week looking for a lancing device and setting for a lancet and wrist power.

    Glad it was a fun day!!

  5. I guess that’s what PWD’s did for 55+ years-before the invention of home glucose meters.Carbo-load,and hope for the best.
    I’m glad things worked out fine-I’d have been a nervous wreck the entire time.(definitely a 90’s dx,I need my meter)
    You can also use a syringe, if you ever forget the ld again..I carry a syringe/vial in case my set goes bad(and though its not extraordinarily sanitary,have used it to poke fingers on occasion)

  6. Ahhh, a knife Scott?! Hell, one time I lost my lancing device for a few days and it took all of my strength to manually prick my finger with a plain old lancet. Knife? Count me out! I’m waaaay too much of a wuss to even consider it.

  7. Scott-

    That very thing has happened to me before, so I had no trouble spotting what was missing. Maddening to have the blood right there in you, but no way to get it out. 🙂

    I’d be up for a get together. Let me know if you come up with some details.

  8. I wish I would have considered whittling a lancet – THAT might have worked!!

    And I sure did try to squeeze the life out of all my digits – hoping to spring a leak from a previous poke – no luck though.

  9. Ever find you’re able to squeeze some extra blood out of the fingers you tested on earlier in the day? Sometimes I can get two or three uses out of one lancing.

  10. Ohhhh you are so lucky to have your first kayak of the year! It is warming up in Nova Scotia, so I will be out as well….and the wheels, GENIUS!

    I knew instantly when I looked at your picture, I felt like I was playing the memory game in elementary school! Glad you did not resort to the knife…HA!

  11. Hehe!!

    Sara – Yes, I think both of those colleges are right in the metro area. It would be a lot of fun to get together – there are also some other bloggers around here that I haven’t met yet, and that would be a great time to do so! Let’s coordinate more over e-mail and see what we can make happen.

  12. I was sort of concerned as to where the post was going as well. I can just imagine you stabbing yourself with a knife to test. :-p

    Glad you came back to us in one piece.

  13. So, I am going to be at a conference at Northcentral and Northwestern at the beginning of June. That anywhere near you?

  14. I am really happy that you did now decide to slice yourself open for a test. I was really worried about where this post was gonna go.

    I am glad you had a good time my friend.