Was it really a good decision?

5:15 PM CST. I’m at work with just under two hours before I can leave for the day.

I have the munchies. Big time. There’s just no denying them.

I head to the vending machine with a pocket full of nickles, dimes, and a few quarters (I don’t know why, but I always try to get rid of my nickles and dimes and hold onto my quarters. Maybe because they are like pure gold to my kids…)

I fill my big mug full of ice, get two bottles of Diet Coke (yes, I know), and stare through the clear Plexiglas into the rows and rows of treats (all clearly labeled with accurate (+/- 20%) carb grams). My eyes are drawn to a favorite of mine – Cool Ranch Doritos.

popcorn“No” I tell myself, “not a good decision”. So I put in my $0.80 and punch the button for a bag of microwave popcorn.

Flash forward a bit, the bag of popcorn is happily at rest in my stomach, but I’m still jonesing for something. I stuck myself right in the middle of that nasty “salty/sweet” cycle. Damn.

Five of those little tiny bite size “Mr. Goodbar” chocolates and a SWAG bolus later, I found myself wondering if I really made a better decision? Or if I should have just went ahead and got my Doritos…

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