The Fatigue Factor

Signs of a slump? Let me count the ways:

  1. Eating with no regard to blood sugars (I’m testing and bolusing, but just not making good decisions on what to eat (read “High Glycemic Index”).
  2. Eating with no regard to weight management (I’m managing to gain weight).
  3. Seeing more readings above 300 mg/dl than I have in a long time. All self induced, see #1.
  4. Choosing to take the “Ostrich” approach (stick my head in the sand and wait for the trouble to “go away”).
  5. Not logging a damn thing.


I am so in touch with my buddy “G-Money” that I don’t even know how to better explain it. I know I need to get moving – and I am, slowly but surely. But damn, it sure does feel like a lot of work sometimes.

I go through these slumps often enough to recognize that there is a cycle to them. I have not yet tackled trying to figure out what causes them. I have also not yet tried to recognize the signs and stop the slumpage before it gets too bad.

Maybe periodic slumps are part of living with diabetes?

Not too long ago I was trying to figure out what exactly it is that makes me defy the logic of it all. If I know in my head that my behaviour is bad for me, why on earth do I continue? If it makes no logical sense, why is it so hard to pull out of the funk?

The next thing my brain threw out at me was “so you can feel like a ‘regular’ person once in a while”.


I’m not sure I want to feel like a regular person – whatever that means. But what was clear to me was that there is a “Fatigue Factor”. That the constant demands of managing diabetes makes me tired of dealing with it all.

I think it gets deeper than that though. I think that there is something that kicks me into the slump, and identifying whatever those things are will be key.

I don’t enjoy feeling crappy.

So what is it that sends my head into the sand?

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Scott K. Johnson

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