The Overhead

I hate managing my prescriptions.

I have some insurance coverage, and I’m thankful for that. But it’s still a pain in the ass to keep up on all of the prescriptions for everything.

Not even a really a big deal. But it is Another Thing to do.

I even use a mail order service that provides a three-month supply. I can refill over the web. They tell me in my statements when each medicine is eligible for refill (so I can set reminders in my calendar).

I’ve been using the service for a while. At the end of last year I was very pleased to see that ALL of my meds were eligible for refill on 1/1/07 – something to due with the end of the year obviously. Awesome!

It was pretty close to when I would need to order many of them anyway, but the fact I could handle it all in one fell swoop was very handy!

So it was that way for the first and second quarter of this year. One order. One Big Ass Bill. One shipment. Nice (well, all except the bill).

When I ordered this time I got a bunch of rejections saying that I was trying to order some things too soon, and that they would be held and submitted when eligible.

I couldn’t help but be a little frustrated. More so for the overhead that it causes when they are out of sync than at anything else. Now, instead of one big bill (and subsequent paperwork for reimbursement from my health savings account), it will be three or four. Boom – just like that my workload has quadrupled.


It never fails that when I NEED to order a refill on something I can’t afford to pay for it right then. When it was all in one “package” and all at one time, I could shift things around to deal with it. Not so much when they are all over the place.

It could be worse, and I’m thankful that I am able to (barely, most of the time) afford the meds I use.

But, I feel the need to acknowledge the frustration I feel trying to manage it all. I don’t need any more “things” on my list. It’s plenty full already.

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7 thoughts on “The Overhead

  1. I love the surprise invoices I get from quest – like the $165 one that I received yesterday for work done in April – diabetes the gift that keeps on giving!

  2. I can totally relate…
    Seriously, why cant they all be refilled at the SAME TIME?!

    And the cash issue…yes, again with the relating.

    Just the other day I got a bill from Minimed for 50 bucks for coinsurance.

    Now, no, thats not a LOT of cash BUT that bill is from supplies ordered in Jan of 2005?!

    I’m now seriously worried about the bills that may be on their way to my mailbox.

    Fun, Fun

  3. I have a calendar that tells me exactly when to order – usually 1 day over the 90 days between refills on diabetes supplies….and I have to keep a credit card empty just in case. I call it my “d” card….I am lucky to have a few good diabetes friends, and we help each other out in times of “shortages”……

    yes the “things” list is TOO long. I hope some day soon to chop a few things off that list, but I think it would mean selling my car HA!

    All the best….

  4. I was on the 3 month deal for a couple of years and it was more trouble that it was worth.
    Since I take 5 oral meds in addition to insulin, I have enough to keep track of.
    On Friday evenings I inventory all my prescrptions and strips. If I need anything I call it into the Rainbow Pharmacy (just two blocks away) for Sat pickup. I have a good relationship with the pharmacists and feel that they take an interest in me as a person and are willing to answer questions and discuss things.
    So, it takes 5 minutes on Fri and 10 minutes to walk over on Sat and it’s done.
    On Sunday I check to be sure I have enough test strips for the week in my purse, tote bag. Also check to be sure I have enough glucose tabs.
    This takes 5 minutes.
    this is the easiest way for me – to break it down weak by week and to not deal with things by mail.

  5. OMG, you are soooo me, it is never ending, then to hand all into flex spending, which is still your money just annoys me more. I went to order test strips and RX expired and my endo won’t refill unless he writes the script when you see him, grrrrr and I don’t see him again until Sept. Called my wonderful internist and she sent me the RX via mail with one phone call and I have not seen her in forever. I want to drop my endo but my internist does not want to be involved with the pump aspect as she is not familiar, ahhhh. So I see endo every 4 months because internist won’t treat me for pump, and then I don’t see internist because I see endo all the time, but then endo won’t treat stuff that is not diabetic related, on and on.


  6. Right there with you. It seems like I am always needing supplies. My insurance only lets me get 2 bottles of Novolog per month, despite what my script is written for and despite how much I use in my pump, therefor I am constantly low on insulin. They do offer 3 month supplies by mail btu I am so worried that I will end up with none in the interim if I go that route.

    It’s just one more thing to add the long lsit of things we have to do and it sucks.

  7. I just had to borrow money to pay for my prescriptions. As always my “BFAM” you have written the words that I have in my head.

    “I don’t need any more “things” on my list. It’s plenty full already.”

    No Doubt!

    FYI – Brother From Another Mother