At times momentum is my greatest leverage against all that reaches to pull me down.

It can also be my worst enemy when partnered with out of control blood sugars and high carb eating rampages. It attacks my motivation to crawl out of the hole, and saps whatever energy I have. It makes me want to just sleep it all away.

There’s a visual that I always see when I’m thinking about momentum. A giant snowball and a big hill.

The tip top of the hill is neutral ground. The big snowball of momentum is resting, perfectly balanced on the top. It’s not moving down the negative side or down the positive side.

Now think about what happens if that snowball is given a chance to start rolling down the “BAD” side of the hill. It starts rolling faster and faster, getting bigger and harder to stop each second. Before too long – SPLAT!


I know you are picturing the same thing I am… Getting run over and swallowed into the snowball – just like Scoob & Shag in the cartoons.

The task of fighting out of the snowball, bringing the negative momentum to a stop, then pushing that gargantuan snowball back up the hill… seems downright impossible.

Good thing for us, that energy is just as powerful when you get that snowball moving down the positive side of the hill! It takes some real substantial work (conscious or not) to move that snowball back to the negative side.

But how the heck do I do it? Tell me HOW I can move the giant snowball.

Small steps Johnsonson, small steps. And lay off the cheesy tots…

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10 thoughts on “Momentum

  1. Scott,

    I relate so much to this post, and feel I’m just about in the same place.

    I think this momentum is a mind over matter thing. Often an encouraging word or something unexpected that someone says inspires me to change the momentum.

    However, we can’t just stay in reaction mode, waiting for the spark. We have to actively seek, recognize and respond to affect the shift.

    Scott, thanks for bringing up this topic. It’s good just to know that I am not alone in this.

    Maybe this post is the impetus I’ve been looking for…


  2. You have always told me to take those small steps and to not expect change overnight.

    That is what has helped me. I think about that when my momentum is lost.

    (btw – the scooby reference was awesome)

    I just wanted to give you some good advice from a good friend I know. 🙂

  3. Scott– good timing for this post as the few snowflakes came down yesterday.
    It must be the time of year. Getting dark, cold, etc. I’ve been struggling with the momentum problem too. I feel like I get close to pushing the dam ball up the hill, only to find a foot back under it.
    But we can push back. With friends, you can have help doing it.

  4. Great post Scott, I hear ya. darn it I hear ya. If I’m rolling down the wrong side of this here mountain I eventually over compensate too much for my meals and I hit low.

    Then I restart the process of control and try to maintain it and push up to the positive side. sometimes it’s just tough though, and you need to take a break and just let loose, my opinion. The roller coaster is no fun ride though, so best you get off as soon as possible!

  5. I loved this post because I can totally relate…been there and I know how it feels (I hate when ppl say that, but I think i really do know how it feels). I hate that you’re having to write about it, but I’m glad you did. Isnt’ that the first step? acknowledging it and letting it loosen some of its hold over you?

    Damn cheesy tots. I had a Taiwanese version of them today from a v ending machine that sold them just as “cheese.” I was curious about this packaged cheese in a vending machine, so I bought them and they turned out to be cheesy tots! hah.

    you can run. but you can’t hide from the cheesy tots.

  6. I am a huge believer in the principle of momentum – going in either direction. Once it picks up speed, it’s that much harder to reverse. Unfortunately, I’m in the middle of a major downward spiral and today extended my AlC appt out another month. And, it started way before my co-workers brought in the left-over Halloween candy.

  7. You gather all your friends who know you or can relate to your situation and together, with all that support, you all push the snowball back to the top. 😀

    I tried Symlin, it went well and I can see some of the benefits, the down fall is that is does require some work and well, you have to carry a syringe with you.

    Good luck though, and let us know what you think!

    On a side note, any thoughts of doing another MN blogger get-together?