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UPDATE: We have a winner! Heidi over at D-Log Cabin guessed my middle name! Drumroll please…. “Karl” is my middle name. Karl is my grandfather’s first name, and so following the tradition that my dad started, my son’s middle name is my dad’s first name. Allison was the only other person in the OC that knew what it was.
In doing my very best to keep up with my long distance brother G-Money, I’m FINALLY posting my tagged meme! Better late than never right?

I’ve been tagged (in order of appearance) by Gina at Diabetes Talk Fest, Cara at Every Day Every Hour Every Minute, Bernard at Bernard’s Diabetes Blog, Heidi at Diabetic Dane, and Khurt at “honey sweet”. Phew! Did I miss anyone? I’m sorry if I did.

I’m not sure how many times before I’ve done this “random facts” meme, but I am sure that I’m running out of interesting facts to share!

I am sure that you all know the rules by now, so I’ll dive right into the facts! I promise you’ll be asleep by the end… Speaking of sleeping, I’m a bit too lazy at present to go back and see what facts I’ve shared before, so I hope I don’t repeat any of them.

1) (motivation for this one comes from Sarah) When I sleep on my side, I don’t like my knees touching, so I sleep with a pillow between my legs. I must also have my blanky

2) I love playing video games, but hate how I feel afterwards. I have a PSP (play station portable) so I can play the types of games that have questionable content for my little kiddos to see (Grand Theft Auto, Killzone Liberation, etc). I can waste away hours with these stupid games. But when I get done, and the day/night/weekend is gone, I think about all of the more productive stuff I should have been doing instead. It’s a real love/hate relationship.

3) There is one single person in the Diabetes OC that knows what the “K” in “Scott K. Johnson” stands for. Any guesses on who that person might be?

4) I’m quite anti-social, and really dread going to social events. Until I get there, then I actually have a good time. Along those lines, I don’t know my neighbors very well. When I get home from work, I just want to get home and decompress. I don’t talk with them more than I have to, although I know that on three out of four sides they are actually quite nice and I would enjoy getting to know them more.

5) I like wearing new clothes, but hate shopping for them. I would rather spend a couple hundred dollars on some gadget I don’t need than to buy a few items of clothing. I often wear my old clothes until they literally fall apart and I’m forced to buy something new. If you ask any of my co-workers, you’ll find that I am routinely spotted in a shirt that has some sort of hole in it. And we’re not talking for “casual Fridays” either… Combine that with my negative “fashion sense”, and I’m a walking disaster.

6) I’m a huge boxing fan. My father-in-law and I will watch boxing on TV almost every Saturday night, and have even gone to a few live events around here. The last one we went to was at a nightclub. It was terrible. We paid $30 to get in, only to find that it was standing room only. We ended up finding a couch in the back and watching it on the television. What a rip!! After that we went back to his house and watched good boxing on cable for a few more hours.

7) I love it when my kids sleep with me. They are getting to the age where they don’t like to cuddle much anymore, so I treasure any opportunity I get! As far as I’m concerned they can sleep with me until they don’t want to anymore!

That’s about all I’ve got this time around. If you have not been tagged yet, and would like to participate, consider this an official tag!

Thanks everyone!

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15 thoughts on “Tag, Tag, Tag, Tag, and Tag

  1. I bet it is George who know what the letter stands for! Am I right? YOU antisocial?! I am super antisocial, but antisocial doesn’t mean “unfriendly” just feeling more relaxed when one is alone.

  2. Does the K stand for Killer?
    (meaning killer of islet cells in your pancreas!)
    I’d like a personal shopper so that I could wear new clothes without having to find the time to shop for them.

  3. Awww cute, Scott sleeps with a blanky!!!

    Can I guess that your middle name is Kelly or Kerry? You have to let us know if we guess it right… and who guessed!!

  4. “K” is one of the under-utilized letter in the English language. Kellog? Kurt? Kevin? Kendrick? Kelsey?

    I’m out….

    love the bit about the blanky and the kids sleeping by your side and wimping out over the worms. so sweet. and yes, a little pansy-ass. 🙂

  5. Okay, I was just checking. Your wife is a very smart lady to like them…I could go on for days about the reasons why they are so great.

    I have been running K names through my head all day, and I still can’t decide what the “K” is for!

  6. And Allison – you weren’t supposed to give it away so easily!!

    Ok, now should we have people guess what the “K” actually stands for?

  7. Hey Jillian!

    No discouragement intended. Just joking around with you.

    I’m just an old guy (30+) who’s wife likes those two as well… I have to dish out some crap when I see others talk about them.

  8. Love that stuff man. Getting to know you meme’s are fun.

    okay, my guess would be YOU. You are the only person in the OC who knows what the K means. Either that or Allison. Since she does the directory.

  9. Great list, I love learning new non-diabetes things about OCer’s.
    By the way what’s wrong with Justin & Marky Mark? The “hrm” was very discouraging.