A Leaker!

Did all of you read G-Money’s post from yesterday? The one titled “Times .10“?

I had to chuckle to myself as I read this part:

Until I woke up kicking the blankets off of myself. Covered in sweat I grab my machine to check. 52. I have 4 glucose tabs and immediately thought of the name of this post.

Do any of you bloggers think about how you are going to blog a situation as it is happening? Is this some kind of sickness? I saw a T-shirt that said, “I am going to blog about this” and I think I should wear one. I can have a scary low and think, “What should I name this post!” Do you guys have that happen?

The reason I chuckled is I had just experienced one of the situations he describes.

I was at work and glanced over near my computer mouse. I spotted a big streak of blood on my desk! I know I recently checked my blood sugar, and my finger must have kept on bleeding after I licked it clean.

A LEAKER! I quickly inspected my fingertips but they were all clean. I had to look at all of them because I couldn’t remember which finger it was, even though it was not even 30 seconds ago…

So with this nice long red streak of blood drying on my desk, the first thing I thought of was taking a picture for the blog! So yes G-Money, I think just like you! It’s all for the blogosphere man!

As my eyeball took in the scene, I’m mentally composing the frame for the picture. Scanning the area, trying to figure out the angle, how close to zoom in, flash or no flash, etc.

But you know what? I realized how FILTHY my desk is!!

The debris stuck in the cracks of my mouse (right in the space between where you put your palm and where the buttons are), all the little office-place dust bunnies, the food crumbs, pencil streaks, staples, and dried Diet Coke droplets on my desk.

So instead of taking the picture I cleaned my desk. Sorry folks, no blood pictures from me this weekend (well, it is only Friday, so there’s still a couple days left to make a mess…).

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7 thoughts on “A Leaker!

  1. Believe it or not, I get a lot of thoughts about posts this way. Although I am WAAAAY behind because work has been keeping me so busy these days, I had a great idea this morning after seeing an advertisement for a clinical trial (for victims of physical violence no less). Right now its an idea with a few key notes written down waiting for further development!!

  2. This is so funny. I like the part about licking the finger clean…that's what I do…thought I was the only one. My "Leaker" moment was when my husband got pulled over and we got a warning because he was going over the spead limit, I reached in and grabbled the proof of insurance and vehicle registration. The cop gave me a funny look and said, maam, is this blood? Ugh, I had just tested and dripped a little.

  3. LOL that is awesome dude. What a bloody mess!

    It sucks how our first thought is “how can I share this” but at the same time, It kicks so much ass. What the hell did i do before I joined all y’all?

  4. Oh, I have that happen all the time. I think I need that shirt too!
    I was at the movies one night and though to myself, “I need to blog about this.”
    How funny (how funny! Or pathetic!) we are. 😀

  5. LOL.

    I don’t have my own desk at work, I have to mooch and use other peoples’, so I feel especially bad about the leakers on the white keyboard and really try to avoid them. Black keyboards are so much better 🙂

    Have you ever had “a spurter”? Much, much less common than leakers, but worse damage. Every once in a while (I think it’s happened to me like 6 times in 13 years of diabetes), the blood somehow comes squirting out of like the last 25 prick-holes on a finger, high pressure. Gets all over everything. I ruined a pair of sheets this way.

  6. Oh God, the bruises and gushers I’ve had…and I don’t even pump (:-X I always find it amusing that non-D people get so upset about the needles/fingersticks. If only they knew what we’re used to…!

    Thanks for reading my blog!