Someone’s Idea of Torture?

I recently found a picture I took late last summer with my craptacular camera phone.

In this picture you can’t make out what I was seeing with my eyes, but let me tell you, it sent a shiver of fear up and down my spine. The picture first, then I’ll explain…



I know, I know. You can’t see a damn thing. Honest, it’s not even worth investigating.

Allow me to set the scene for you.

I was shopping for a cheap suit. I went to one of the local department stores (which will remain nameless), and started picking things off the “budget” rack. I took the clothes into the fitting room to try them on.

I slipped off one of my shoes and glanced down at the floor. As the light bounced off the back of my eyes and my brain registered the data that was coming in, my heart nearly stopped cold in my chest.

Needles (well, actually pins) everywhere. Every damn where. For every square inch of carpeted floor there were between 3-5 pins laying there. Almost so bad that I didn’t have anywhere to safely put my diabetic feet without risking an accidental stabbing.

I slipped my foot back in my shoe (after snapping a quick camera phone picture for all of you!) and left the fitting room without trying on a single thing. It just was not worth the exposure.

The clothes were too expensive anyway.

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11 thoughts on “Someone’s Idea of Torture?

  1. this is one for the books! But really, I echo Lyrehca's questions, why didn't you complain?

  2. Glad your eagle eye was better than your craptacular camera’s.

    I’ve heard of pins and needles sensations, but that’s going too far…

    Stay safe.

  3. Hey-!!
    I’m seeing a marketing opportunity here!
    Maybe I should invent some “diabetes clothes trying on slippers” to protect diabetic feet from dangerously sharp objects. I could make them out of metal, and spray paint them… 🙂 hehe!
    Glad that you made it out unscathed.

  4. complain to the store manager and force them to place a sharps container in the dressing rooms, I’d like to see this but then they would have to be trained to help the customers and employees use the container rather than throw them on the floor. I bet the prices would only go up then 🙂

  5. I’m always terrified of needles impaling my foot in dressing rooms. I’m sure there’s more in men’s rooms since the folded shirts are always pinned.