I want to open up my head to everyone a little bit, hoping for some thoughts on why I did what I did.

I was doing some basal rate testing on Sunday, and was fasting until about 2:30 PM. I got some decent data from the test, but was downright hungry since the moment I woke up until the moment I finally ate something.

I very carefully orchestrated the activities of me and the family to land us at the door of Old Country Buffet precisely at 2:30 PM. Can you see where this is going?

I was so hungry that I was intent on putting a dent on their buffet line, blood sugar be damned.

Sure, I did make an attempt to bolus for what I ate, but accurate carb counting when freestyling like that is not one of my strengths (not that I can’t do it, I just hate it and rebel against it with wild LADCS boluses).

So I ate, and ate, and ate. The thing is, the food there is not good. In fact, it is barely one notch above bad.

I let the hunger totally bully my “know better” and sweet talk me into doing it, regardless of the uncontrollable blood sugar that comes with eating so much food.


I paid for it with high blood sugars for what seemed like days. And I knew full well that would happen before I started, but went right on ahead anyway.


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Scott K. Johnson

Patient voice, speaker, writer, advocate, and Senior Community Manager at Blue Circle Health. Living life with diabetes and telling my story. All opinions expressed are my own and do not necessarily represent my employer’s position. Read more…

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