Lost So Long?

I’ve been feeling very emotional about my diabetes recently.

It feels very vague and hard to identify.

lostThere is nothing really specific I can pin it to, no real point of frustration or trouble.  More like a low level, under the surface disturbance that has gotten my emotional undies all in a bunch.

I was reading one of Birdie’s posts and it hit me.  How can I possibly feel so utterly lost sometimes when I’ve been dealing with diabetes for my whole life?  That feeling of “lostness”, not in terms of loss (a different issue altogether), but rather not knowing where to go and what to do, really hit me.

I think it is important for me to recognize those feelings when they come up, especially when I am able to put a word to what I’m feeling.  I’ll try to dig into it more and see what comes of it.

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Scott K. Johnson

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