Second Annual MN Blogger Meet Up Report

Thank you Sara for clarifying the title.   Has it really already been (over) a year since the last meeting?  Holy cow.

I swear I would meet up with all of you every other week if I could.  It is such comfortable company, fun and laughter, and complete understanding.  This meeting was no exception.

I had an opportunity to meet with Drea from Drea and her ever trusty CGMS!

Drea was here (Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN) for a big annual event we have – the Twin Cities Marathon.  She was sponsored by the Medtronic Global Heroes program.  Might I mention that she was the only representative from Canada in the program?  I know there was some controversy around that program this year, but that’s another story.

When I found out she would be nearby (from her blog post), I commented that if she were comfortable with such a thing, we should try to meet and visit.  Sure enough, it worked out!  I’m very glad it did.

Drea is a very fun person to hang out with, and even though I was very tired and worn down from a lot of recent travel, we visited for over three hours (I could not believe it!).  The time flew by as if it were 15 minutes.

We discovered a common favorite, um, “treatment” for late night low blood sugars (cereal).  To my relief I am not the only person in the world who gets stuck in the milk/cereal/milk cycle.  You know – when you finish your cereal, but there’s still milk in the bowl, so you pour more cereal, then there’s not enough milk in the bowl…  We also both share a “bolus when low” mentality – to offset the damn cereal we just over treated with.

Picture of Drea and Scott

Drea – it was a lot of fun visiting with you.  You are a pleasure to hang out with, your bright smile and cheery demeanor put me at ease very quickly.  And I didn’t even give you any “about/aboot” or “eh” Canadian funny business.  🙂


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