Very Emotional

Maybe it was the low I was dealing with.  I hear that people sometimes get emotional when low.

I was at a fairly big JDRF Walk for a Cure fund raising kickoff event on Sunday.  It was a big auditorium type room full of families dealing with diabetes.  The folks from JDRF were talking about the walk event and how to go about fundraising and getting people involved.  It was pretty awesome.

Me and my family were quite late, but found a string of seats in the very front corner.  As I was fighting to pull out of a low, I turned in my seat and looked around at the crowd.  My eyes started watering up.

All of these people, all of these little kids and their families that have to deal with the bullshit that is life with diabetes.

I started looking at the walls of the meeting room which were “decorated” will all sorts of family banners and team slogans.  Things that, without diabetes, would be for something fun and exciting.  Maybe they would otherwise be some school team banners, or maybe a public library reading push for kids, or whatever!

But no, it’s all for diabetes.  That, well, just sucks.

Diabetes pulls in everyone in the periphery of the one living with it.  It is great that everyone is so supportive and loving, but it is hard because they all want to do more than they can, which is to make diabetes go away.

It all just hurts, you know?

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Scott K. Johnson

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