The Donut Decision

A tray full of donutsThursday of last week was awesome.  It was those dominoes again, each little diabetes decision affecting the balance of the day (and sometimes even the next – isn’t that scary?).

I have developed a routine on the days I play basketball that works very well most of the time.  I still have a handful of unanswered questions, mostly around whether my insulin sensitivity on day 2 is greater than on day 1, and is day 3 greater than day 2, etc.  But I’m working through those.

I was carefully monitoring a “just above low” blood sugar for most of the morning.  My symlin, oatmeal, extended bolus, and basketball basal pattern were due to start kicking my blood sugar up within the next half hour or so, and I had planned on just waiting it out.  I wasn’t low – but just above, and holding steady.  But I did have that “just above low” hunger thing happening.  I kept telling myself that I can wait it out.

I went down to the cafeteria to get some ice (to appease my Diet Coke addiction), and the idea of checking out the donut/sweet roll/pastry selection crossed my mind more than once on the way down there.

No!  I can wait out the hunger.  I can wait it out.

I filled my giant mug with ice, and as I turned away from the ice machine guess what happened.

The cafeteria lady was dancing the tray of donuts and sweet rolls right over to me, telling me that she’s trying to get rid of them, that they have MY NAME on them, and I should go ahead and take one.


She set the tray down on the counter in front of me, and my eyeballs were swimming in visions of glazed goodness.  Oh dear, they all look so good, and I AM a little low (notice how my brain switched that from “just above low” to now being “a little low”?).  I almost started drooling like a canine.

Then I turned around and walked away.

When I hit the basketball court my blood sugar had risen to the sweetspot (thanks to some info from Tony Cervati) of around 150 mg/dl and stuck there.  I’ve had a taste of that sweetspot once or twice in the past few weeks, but this?  This was the real deal folks.  Everything was on point.  Everything.  I felt like I could not only run forever, but HUSTLE forever.  I was really working hard, and enjoying it.  Didn’t feel tired one bit.  I felt like I could go forever.

I outlasted skinny and in shape guys!  If you’ve ever seen me, you’ll know what a feat that was (I’m far from skinny, and only kind of in shape…).  I was mad that we had to quit at the end, and upset that I couldn’t come back for more tomorrow.  It was simply incredible.

When I got back to work my head was so clear, and I was full of energy!  I got more work done that day than I had in a long time.  I even stayed late to keep riding the wave of motivation!  Then I went home and got a bunch of stuff done there too!  I swear I was riding an endorphin high (which I’ve NEVER experienced before) until at least midnight.

All because I stuck to my plan and turned away from the donut.

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