World Diabetes Day 2008

Living with type 1 diabetes is no fun.  It is no way to live, and the compromises I have to make in my life in order to survive each day are not small compromises.

I am, however, able to live and survive.

Not everyone in the world has that “luxury”.  There are many places in the world where the basic supplies that we often take for granted are not available or affordable, and people are dying.  Kids are dying.

Each and every day there are 200 kids diagnosed with type 1 diabetes worldwide.  Two. Hundred. Every. Day.


World Diabetes Day is all about the amazing efforts of the International Diabetes Federation.

No child should die of diabetes.  Light the candle and think about what you can do to make a difference.

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5 thoughts on “World Diabetes Day 2008

  1. Bonjour, Just wanted to let you know that this page is not showing up properly on the Blackberry Browser. Besides, I’m now browsing the RSS feed on my pc, Thank you

  2. I feel sometimes like you must think I am a broken record but seriously, you are awesome and I cannot wait until the day we can hang out.
    We must have been related in another life.

  3. Scott.
    Your blog was the first one I ever read. I have learned loads from you. Thanks for pursuing through all the s*** of diabetes, and sharing your trials and triumphs with us.
    Have a great WDD day!

  4. Thanks Scott. I, too, am humble when I think of what others suffer. I’ve had Type 1 diabetes since 1986, for 22 years. I’m doing fine thanks to good medical care AND the fact that I have health care insurance.
    I do not take that for granted. Often I despair about those who don’t have coverage. My belief is that it is not only costly but a crime that not all can have good medical coverage. Hope that changes soon.