DUDE! You Can Stop Eating Now…

I had (am having?) a great holiday season.

It is a bit hard during the holidays (I think it is for anyone who has lost someone), but overall I’m feeling good.

I have been eating a TON of EVERYTHING though.  A ton.  Of everything.

My blood sugars have been alright, and if anything running almost too low.  I have been routinely over estimating the carbs on everything and taking lots of insulin.  Then I run low a bit later and have to eat more, then rebound too high, take more insulin, you know how it goes.  It’s a scary cycle, and I swear to myself every time that I’m going to be more careful next time.  It hasn’t really worked out for me.

With a couple weeks off work I’ve also not been playing my basketball, or getting much of any kind of exercise at all.  Just lots of eating and being lazy.   On one hand it has been fabulous.  But on the other hand I’m feeling hella guilty about it, and am worried about not  “snapping out of it” once real life (i.e. work) picks back up again.

I think there is a very delicate balance here, fighting the urge to jump right into some obsessive perfectionist trap, and instead being gentle and forgiving with myself.  Easier said than done (like much that is living with diabetes), I know, but I’m sure going to try.

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Scott K. Johnson

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