Wha…? What do you mean 2008 is gone? Where’d it go?

I seriously cannot believe that 2008 is gone already.  Where the heck did all that time go?  I mean, an entire year?!  Really!??!!

Alright, game time.  I feel that I have all the physical tools to do better with my diabetes management.  I need to get my mental stuff on the right track though, and am not sure what the first step is.

Actually, scratch that.  I am sure what the first step is.  And it is, very literally, a step.  I am going to get some walking in.  It is a little baby step towards being healthier, which, when given a little bit of attention, will snowball into positivity.

Here’s to 2009! I’m off and running (er, walking)!

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3 thoughts on “Wha…? What do you mean 2008 is gone? Where’d it go?

  1. I know a little something about being stuck! You know what your first step is – we’re all behind you to cheer you on. The mental stuff is the hardest part but you will find your path. And we will still all be behind you, cheering you on.
    Besides which, you amaze me on a regular basis. Don’t forget to give yourself credit for all you already do!

  2. Hi brother. Do you have a pedometer? I know with the pump it might be a hassle to have another thing attached to your waist, but I have been using one for over 5 years and it has taught me that 1) little activities during the day can really add up; and 2) sometimes we’re not going as far as we think – both sides of the coin. They even make ones that will convert steps to distance covered, and track how long you’ve walked aerobically (by doing a certain minimum steps per minute).
    I know that for some people, it’s another invitation to get caught up in the numbers, and of course that is not good.
    My best wishes to you and your family for a most Happy New Year. May the coming days serve you with peace, joy, and fulfillment.