Coffee or Tea? Molly or me? I choose DIXIE!!!

I got together with a small group of Diabetes Daily members again last weekend.  It was awesome.  missitaly, deanusa, Molly & Dixie, and myself all enjoyed some warm beverages, easy conversation, and lots of laughs.

For those that are not familiar with Molly, she has the best CGM that anyone could ask for.  Dixie (she’s a heartbreaker)!  Dixie is a highly trained service dog that helps Molly by detecting unsafe blood sugar levels and trends (high or low).  I met Dixie when Sara was in town, and could tell that she was a little uncomfortable about something.  So Molly and I both started checking our blood sugars!  Turned out that Dean was running a little low.  As soon as he downed an OJ, Dixie calmed right down and took a little nap.  It was very, very cool to watch her highly sensitive spidey senses in action.

Picture of Scott, Molly (with Dixie), and Dean

The other thing that was so cool, and happens every time, was the instant bonding and friendship.

Thanks you guys – it was a wonderful way to kick off a beautiful (above 0 degrees) Minnesota Saturday!

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5 thoughts on “Coffee or Tea? Molly or me? I choose DIXIE!!!

  1. lol!!you are right scott dixie has to be the most awesome “CGM”
    ever.!even though i kind of understand how a animal could sense things it still was the most awesome thing i have ever seen.these meetups are so good for the soul and like g-money said above the instant bond is awesome.its one thing to laugh and joke about things we have done or had happen with “regular people we might know but not half as fun as when you are with other “d’s”!!it was great meeting molly and dixie and to see missitaly and you again.looking foreward to the next one.
    p.s. dixie this time i will cut back the bolus!!!