Care to share a minute with me?

Greatly inspired by all of you who have gone before me, I present to you my first VLOG post!

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19 thoughts on “Care to share a minute with me?

  1. Wow. This is old! You must be pretty seasoned at vlogging by now (and I have yet to try it). Anyway, if vlogging comes with the six-pack featured at the end (afterward), I’m in!! 🙂 Great to know you, Scott!

  2. Dude- that guy looks nothing like you! I’m kidding- he did look a little like you…
    Was that a Golden Gophers sweatshirt?

  3. DOOOOOD!!!!! Effing AWESOMe!!!! I am so happy you vlogged!
    It was great. you are a natural as landileigh said.
    I cannot tell you how much your support has meant to me and how much I depend on your friendship and feedback. Thank you for being you.
    (dang that last part sounded cheesy but I meant it 100%!)