Wayback Wednesday – Conspiracy Theory?

Picture of my hand with a BG line chart in the backgroundCourtesy of the “Wayback Machine“, I bring you the early entries I made in my online diabetes journal.  This was back before Blogger made things easy, and I had to write the entries in HTML.  The journal is no longer available, but thanks to the wonderful tools available on the internet, I was able to find much of my old stuff.  I’d like to share one of the old entries with you.

For the record, I don’t necessarily feel this way anymore.  I think I have grown to the conclusion that it is just pretty darn complicated, and expensive to figure out.  Although, sometimes you have to wonder…

03 Dec 2000

I have been trying to figure out *exactly* what has been bothering me so much lately. I feel it has a lot to do with the insurance industry. They make me jump through so many hoops, just to get the supplies I need to take care of myself. Each and every hoop they make me jump through bothers me at a very deep level.

So much of this stuff is about money, rather than about helping those that need help. It is really disturbing. Did you know that there are blood glucose meters in the not too distant future that will be able to actually determine your blood glucose *without* poking your finger?!

The pictures I saw showed pretty big devices, that you stick your finger into, and via some sort of infrared or something, it tests your blood sugar. No sticks, no finger pricks – no blood!! I mean, wow!! Something like this would be great!!!

Unfortunately, I don’t think it will ever come to market. You know why? Because there is no continuous income for the people that would market it. You would buy the machine, maybe some batteries, but that would be about it. There would be no steady income from the test strips – because there are none!! If no one will make a substantial amount of money off these things, they probably will not ever come out. Matter of fact, the people that are making all the money off test strips would fight pretty hard *against* it!

Makes you wonder about a cure. Even if someone did find a cure, do you think it would actually ever “hit the market”? Diabetes makes about $98 billion dollars per year all things combined. Do you think the companies making that kind of money will let it just vanish – just because some brilliant scientist discovered a cure?? The cure would have to make it’s way up the FDA’s approval ladder, where all these rich companies would be lobbying against it – looking to undercut it – maybe even sabotage it…

These people do not care about us. They just want their money.

My anger at the insurance industry (at least that’s what I *think* I’m angry at…) is spilling over into the other areas of my diabetes care picture. I go to my doctor appointments already in a crappy/angry mood . That can’t help matters at all.



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4 thoughts on “Wayback Wednesday – Conspiracy Theory?

  1. Hi Scott
    Have to admit, I’m thinking of going into insurance (as an actuary) in the near future if I can find a suitable employer.
    Less relevant as, a move over the Atlantic aside, I’ll be working in the UK.
    An infra-red or similar glucose meter would be very cool. The ability to test sugars whenever you feel like it without worrying about using strips, would be great.
    I remember the blood test that workers did in the futuristic film Gattaca involved literally removing blood from fingers to check. Made me laugh a bit to see other people in a future world having to do a blood test each day.
    Enjoying your blog Scott.

  2. As you said, I also think it’s pretty complicated, but I can’t help but think that to some extent, there’s a kernel of truth to the conspiracy theories. I think the science of it, getting funding for research, etc. are contributing variables too, but seeing that we’re guaranteed cash cows for the pharm industry, and knowing how corrupt big business is in general, I’d be shocked if there wasn’t some manipulation of funding, product development, etc. that’s working in Pharm’s favor, not ours.
    For me what’s so infuriating is the feeling of helplessness that I have to support the companies by buying their products/services because I want to live. If I could boycott and maintain my health, I’d do it in a second! Sure, we can switch from One Touch to Accuchek to whatever other brand, but all strips are ridiculously overpriced so you feed one monster or you feed another – no matter what, you’re feeding a monster. It’s so no-win for us no matter what.

  3. I sort of feel that way. My DH is in the 5th go around of colon cancer in 5 years. He is currently on two chemo drugs which were ‘in the labs’ just 3 years ago. They cost a fortune and I am very thankful for our insurance.
    But, like diabetes, if a cure is found for any of the dozens of varieties of cancers, a lot of people would be out of business.
    Now, back to diabetes. I am new in this, so do not yet know all the ropes. Is there a support group wherein a person can vent about this, like there is for cancer patients/families?

  4. You know Scott, I share your views and frustration on this matter. I’m also not sure that a cure will ever be available because of the big bucks! It’s actually very sad and so upsetting. But it’s life, people don’t care about people, they care about money and it doesn’t really matter how they get it ;(