Do you know Wil?

Cover art for "The Born Again Diabetic" bookYou may know him as Wil, or William, or Liam, or Lee, or Printcrafter, or Rio’s pop, or Debbie’s dude, or the Non-Doctor-Doctor, or the impressively smart high school drop-out.

He is all of that, but I know him best as my friend.  I know him as a very entertaining writer, who chronicled the very early days of CGM devices on his blog “LifeAfterDx“.

Wil recently wrote a book.  It was a book that I initially bought just because I knew Wil – you know, supporting a friend, taking a bit of pride in “knowing the author”?  That kind of thing.  I didn’t expect to get a whole lot from it, mostly because I’ve been around the block a time or two with this diabetes thing.

That sounds pretty self-absorbed, but that is not how I mean it.  If diabetes has taught me anything over the years, it would be 1) roll with the punches, 2) I am never in complete control of anything, and 3) The more I know, the more I know I don’t know.

Maybe it is more accurate to say that I thought the book would be “dumbed down” to appeal to a larger target audience.  I’m not sure how to express my expectations exactly, but my expectations were exceeded by page 7.  And they were exceeded by a lot.

I was very quickly enveloped by Wil’s writing, almost exactly how I was captured by his blog posts.  Wil has a special talent for carrying the reader through the pages, much like inner-tubing down a lazy river (just float on the tube and let the river carry you along).  It was a fantastic ride that had me laughing out loud, “hmmm”‘ing to myself as a point he made sunk in, and being unable to put the book down until it was so late at night that my eyelids refused to open after blinking.

It is a short’ish book, at just a bit over 220 pages (if you read every single drop of ink), and a very quick read (I received the book in Friday’s mail, was done with it by Sunday afternoon).

Wil put extra effort in not only the content and quality of the content, but also the physical book itself.  Hardcover, high quality binding, top of the line paper.  All of the little things that make a book even more enjoyable, beyond the words inside.

You should buy the book, because I am very confident that you will enjoy it AND learn stuff that will help you in your daily battles with diabetes (type 1, type 2, and other).

But if you’re not sure whether you’ll like it, you can get a feel for Wil’s writing style over at his blog (LifeAfterDx).  It’s almost like taking a vehicle for a test drive.  Besides, anyone who quotes SpongeBob Squarepants (p. 180) in his book is worth the asking price.

If you like what you see, go buy the book (or search Amazon for “born again diabetic”).  The price ($19.95) is a steal for the quality of the book.  And yes, the title was blessed by our very own Born Again Diabetic, G-Money (for the record George says “Go Wil!”).

Wil – I love the book, and wish you incredible success with it.  You have my standing order for any future books you write, no questions asked.  It could be a book about techniques for dusting ceiling fans, and I’d be all over it.  Yes, you are that good.  🙂

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