So Helpless!

I’ve been going through some serious withdrawal symptoms the past week.

Sunday night I dropped my beloved iPhone in the twa-lay, getting it all wet (clean water, just flushed), and turning it into a very expensive paperweight.

Then Monday It was very hard coming back to work (sans iPhone) after such an incredible time with G-Money, and all of the fabulous meet-ups we had.

Tuesday we ran into some internet connection issues at home, so I was completely cut off there.

I do have limited connectivity from work, but, I’m WORKING there and don’t have much time to goof around on the ‘net.  Plus, there are all kinds of no fun I.T. group filters that limit what I can do (like check my e-mail and twitter stuff).

I swear you guys, I was moping around with a nervous tick because I couldn’t get my fix of the diabetes online community!  It was awful.  I couldn’t decide which was worse, breaking my iPhone or not being able to communicate with anyone!

I bit the bullet yesterday and replaced my iPhone, so I’m slowly patching my life back together through that.  I’m hoping our home internet issues will be resolved soon, because I just can’t type as fast as Cherise does on the iPhone (I’m working on it though).  I need a full keyboard to really do my thing.

I have a busy weekend ahead, complete with coffee tomorrow morning with some of the Diabetes Daily locals (if you’re around, come join us!).  I always enjoy myself, and am really looking forward to it.

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6 thoughts on “So Helpless!

  1. LOL, you didn’t didn’t catch a break at all! Glad you are back! It looks like you are typing ok to me;) haha! I am trying to pass on my iPhone powers…hahaha practice make perfect. If diabetes daily had a mobile verison it would make it alot easier for you to post and respond. I am digging this new RSS Feed app! i
    Welcome back and try not to drop your iPhone in the stool. Guess what else….
    Comment via iphone

  2. So the silica gel didn’t work? How long did you leave the phone in there? I would be so devastated if anything happened to my iPhone. Glad you were able to get it replaced.

  3. LOL I know the feeling (minus the iphone)…. I was away from my computer for like 3 hours the other day and I felt lost!!! Yes 3 hours imagine!!!
    Glad to see you back 🙂

  4. Ugh, that’s way more bad luck than anyone deserves. I can imagine how bummed you were to return from your endorphin-filled trip, but then to have all that other stuff happen? That just sucks.
    Congrats on the new iphone, even if it is a replacement 🙂