Opposite Now?

Since I posted on Thursday how I have been running high, I have swung back to the other side, and suddenly my insulin has become super charged.  I fought lows through almost the whole weekend.

It seems all I have to do is talk about what is bothering me, and the diabetes fairy will hit me with the stick again and change everything.

I had to abandon a nice nature walk on Saturday morning with my kids because I got low and exhausted my 40g of glucose tabs in my pocket.  It really bothered me because my son and I had been talking about this walk for days.

It bothered me quite a bit because it didn’t affect just me this time, but had a very strong negative effect on my kids.  They were angels though, and amazingly understood what was at stake if things went bad (which is, by the way, one of a diabetic parents worst nightmares).

I’ve started doing some basal rate testing to try and nail down what the heck is going on, but it is a long and very difficult process.  And because I am a master at over complicating things, over thinking myself right into paralysis (right G-Money?), I am making it much more difficult than it has to be.

So I am going to take things slow, and not force the issue.  But instead, try my best to break it down into bite size (low carb) pieces, and methodically work my way through it.

To close the post, I want to share a picture that I took at the nature walk (I went back again later in the weekend).  I think it is a great example of slow and steady determination, and working when the opportunity presents itself.

Small picture of trees chewed on by beavers

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7 thoughts on “Opposite Now?

  1. Beautiful pic! I am sure your kids understand. Don’t read to much into it and you’ll get it figured out! question, did you use your temp basal setting, when you went for your walk?

  2. Oh that’s just a big pile of phooey!
    I echo Rachel’s sentiments about raising compassionate children – hope you can reschedule soon.
    Love the pic – those loo like pretty fresh beaver chomps. I wouldn’t stand too close as who knows when the tree might decide to crash down.
    Man, that first spring trip to the river nearly always brings me to tears – gratitude that yet another winter is over and life begins anew.

  3. I’m sure the new cardio I am going to see is going to be ecstatic with my 25 pages of excel spreadsheet with all my testing, analysis, etc. It must be the week for it because I went low nearly every day for the last week! ‘S Crazy i tell ya!

  4. From one over thinker to another……good luck with basal testing! I hope there aren’t any spiders to make you think even harder about the result!

  5. With diabetes, as in life too, I’m finding- just when you think you’ve got the hang of things you get thrown for a loop. I’ve been battling overnight lows for some time from nursing and its constantly changing. Ugh. Such a pain! Glad that you got to go on another nature walk though!

  6. I’m so sorry the low ruined your walk – I know how frustrating that is. But I have to tell you – it’s the blog curse. When ever I blog about a string of highs or low, I immediately get readings that are the opposite. I’ve decided I’ll only blog about runs of bad blood sugars, never about days that are good. 🙂

  7. I’m sure that it must have been very frustrating for you! I’m sorry 🙁 It sounds like your kids were troopers about it. It’s nice to see kids being raised with compassion for others.
    I like your post because it’s realistic. It’s not like other post that state diabetes hasn’t changed my life…. how can it not! 🙂
    Join my diabetes rollercoast, there’s still plenty of room!! 🙂