Wayback Wednesday – Still High


Picture of my hand with a BG line chart in the backgroundCourtesy of the “Wayback Machine“, I bring you the early entries I made in my online diabetes journal.  This was back before Blogger made things easy, and I had to write the entries in HTML.  The journal is no longer available, but thanks to the wonderful tools available on the internet, I was able to find much of my old stuff.  I’d like to share one of the old entries with you.

And later that day….

27 May 2003

Well, it’s 5:30pm and I feel like absolute shit. My blood sugar just refuses to come down. I’m at 416 right now. I’m so sleepy. I’ve been sleepy all day. I would give anything to just be able to lay down and sleep. I would be very happy to sleep just about anywhere right now. The floor would even feel comfy. I just took 10 units of insulin, and we’ll see if that does the trick.

I’ve been hitting it with 2-3 units throughout the day, but nothing is happening. If this 10 units doesn’t work, something must be wrong with my infusion set, and I’ll have to change it. I do remember smacking it on the corner of the car door this morning…

Not to mention the fact that I haven’t eaten anything today since breakfast.

This is the life I have to deal with.



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One thought on “Wayback Wednesday – Still High

  1. Ugh.. being high SUCKS! I hate being somewhere where you cannot take a nap (like work!) and your entire body is falling asleep.
    I like reading your old entries!!