Laid Off, Cozmo No More

I have very mixed feelings about this post.  One one hand, I am going to share with everyone some things that I have not been comfortable sharing before.  I am happy and excited about that.  On the other hand, one of the greatest tools we have seen to manage diabetes is no longer being developed or worked on.  And I don’t have a job anymore.

Many of you have already seen that Smiths Medical is no longer selling the Cozmo insulin pump and is exiting the diabetes business.  My first reaction to this announcement is sadness.  Cozmo is just too good to “go away”, and my heart hurts that people will not be able to use it and benefit from all that it offers.

Picture of a Cozmo PumpMy second reaction to this announcement is a mix of panic and excitement. I have worked for Smiths Medical and the Cozmo pump for a little over four years, and have been laid off effective immediately.  This announcement was a complete surprise to everybody that worked in the diabetes division.  Nobody knew this was going to happen until the early hours of this morning.  The panic is from trying to figure out how to pay the rent and feed the family.  The excitement is from knowing that there is something better just around the corner.

My employment with Cozmo is something that some of you knew about, but many did not.  It was not something I talked about on my blog. Early in my blogging I made a decision to keep my personal writing and my work life very separate for a few reasons:

1) First and foremost I didn’t want anyone to feel that my writing was biased or flavored by my employer.  I feel that I have stayed very true to that, and have stayed far away from any pump brand specific topics and company related subjects.  What you have always gotten was the real me, not the corporate colored me.
2) I have enjoyed two positions inside the company.  End user software support and inside sales.  Both positions were relatively low level “worker bee” positions that didn’t carry much weight.  I did not want to lead anyone to believe that I might be able to help with issues they had been dealing with, when I could not.
3) Finally, I did not want to jeopardize my employment by saying something on my personal blog that my employer did not agree with (a lot of people have been fired for what they say on their blogs).

There are so many great people that lost jobs today, and it is a shame because I have never, ever, worked with people who cared more about helping those of us with diabetes.  The people I have met and worked with have changed my life in many positive ways, and for that I am very grateful.

While it is never fun to get laid off, I am excited for whatever opportunity presents itself next.  I know that I will not be happy unless I am working with something related to diabetes.  That is what I am meant to do – to help people.

Thank you all for the incredible support and love you have shared with me today.  Please keep me in your thoughts if you hear of opportunities that may fit me.

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75 thoughts on “Laid Off, Cozmo No More

  1. Hi Scott,
    We’ve never met but we share something in common – the Cozmo. I was one of the original Cozmo reps back in the launch phase of the company – I had the MN/WI/IA/ND/SD territory. Craig Crease was my RM. While it was extremely tough going trying to sell in Medtronic’s backyard, I knew the Cozmo was something special. I’m shocked to see it come to this. I wish you good luck in the future and good health.

  2. Hey Scott,
    Sorry to hear this (old) news. I hope your job search is going well. It sounds like your excitement for the next opportunity will certainly help you find the next thing. You’ve got a lot to offer, and I hope you find something soon.
    All the best,

  3. Hi–I’m behind in my blog reading and just read this today. I am sorry you got laid off and am impressed with your attitude. All best to you during the next stage of your career!

  4. Just wanted to let you know that I’m still thinking (and sad) about the “Cozmo Thing”. I’d love an update on how you’re doing…Hope all is well!
    PS (I also just ran across your post about pumping Symlin…how’s that going?)

  5. Scott
    I only read this today. I met Manny and he told me that you were impacted. I think the Cozmo pump is a great product with features not available in others. Everyone in Smiths-Medical was great to deal with, it’s a really bad day. I keep hoping to read some news that another company has purchased the product and re-launched it. Let me know if I can help, this layoff stuff is hard to deal with.

  6. Scott,
    I’m so sorry that you were one of the many that were affected by this – it’s hard enough to lose our beloved Cozmo pump, but to lose your job on tough of it seems like way more than a double whammy. I hope that this turns into a wonderful opportunity for you!

  7. Someone once said “When God closes one door he opens another, it’s the hallway in between that’s such a pain!” I will keep rooting for you.

  8. Scott you were the one that helped me get pump we had talked on the phone you even helped me get a free meter from abbot labs maybe that would be a good place to apply for job.Patrick

  9. I just got my pump 3 weeks ago saturday i got the letter that they are not making pump i was very upset that they didnt tell me earlier i would of not bought the pump only good news is they will continue support for pump for 4 years.if you find a new company with pumps let me know because i will get one from where you work. i hope you have good luck in your search for a new job! Patrick

  10. Just now getting caught up, and read your post.
    Scott, I am so sorry.
    I will definitely keep eyes and ears open for opportunities. You are a smart, sensitive, and resourceful guy (not to mention a very talented writer) who would be an asset to any organization– especially one involved with diabetes management.
    And man, I love your positive attitude about all of this. I’m a firm believer that if you stay open to the possibilities, things happen.
    Sending boatloads of good thoughts.

  11. Hi Scott, I’m so sorry to hear about this, both for the employees involved, and as a Cozmo user myself. Change is always hard, but it sounds like you are ready to use this as a time to recharge your batteries, enjoy your family, and be open to the next adventure.

  12. I’m just a newbie following your tweets and blogs, but my heart reaches out to you and the others laid off at Smiths Medical. You have a passion for helping others, and it shows loud and clear. It is true that when one door closes another opens- and your positive attitude will get you far :~)
    It is obvious from all the comments that you have great compassion and talent- remember to keep open to all the possibilities- that open door might not be what you expected, but even better!
    Robin Thomas

  13. Hi Scott–just a few days of scrambling. I had a chance to read your blog this morning. I don’t think it’s hit me yet. It was a pleasure working along side you and I just know there is something better around the corner for us. You keep up the good work and remember, the glass is always half-full! Everything happens for a reason. This was meant to be and I’m certain we have not seen Cozmo’s technology die but will shine in another way. I feel strongly that Smiths Medical will want to keep the best technology out there to help those with diabetes. You are a great resource for many out there and keep up the great work. You are a wonderful person and will come out ahead from this!

  14. Wow that was quick, I heard about the Cozmo but thought that they’d wait a while before the lay-off’s. So sad to hear that isn’t the case 🙁
    Good luck on the job hunt. You’ll be in my prayers!

  15. Scott,
    I’m so sorry to hear about this.
    I did not know that you worked for Cozmo, but I always say that people working for Deltec Cozmo surely had to pass a “kindness” test before getting employed. I never once talked to anyone who was even remotely rude– instead they were always understanding and ready to help. Must have been a great team to work with.
    I’m glad that in the midst of the sadness, you can feel some excitement for the next adventure. You will do amazing things wherever you go!

  16. Now that you have been on the supplier side, you should take a look at working on the insurance side. Keep up with insider knowledge. With the writing experience you could work on the technical writing group for a bunch of the manfs for diabetic products too. Good luck!

  17. Thanks for all your great columns.
    My son is also laid off and now is’Mr. Mom”. He said it is a mixed blessing since most men would kill to spend time with their kids. Thank goodness his wife had a great job.
    One more thing, Look into Rick Gallop’s book “the glycemic index diet” I’ve been on it for 4 months lost 20 lbs and my blood sugar is so much more steadyand never hungry.
    Hang in there, and thanks again. cp

  18. Scott, I’m so sorry to hear about your job loss but I agree about exciting opportunities in your future. I’m pretty sure that every person I’ve known who has lost a job ended up with an even better one and I’m sure the same will happen for you.

  19. Man Scott, I had no idea. Not much that I can add to everyone’s posts, but to know I will be praying for you and your family.
    Your great attitude, as always, is amazing to me.
    You have been a great support to me over the last few months, and I so appreciate it.
    Some things just never make sense.

  20. I’m late to the party. 🙂
    So sorry to hear this. I was bummed about Cozmo, but I didn’t know you would be a casualty! I hope you got a good benefit package and that the next great thing is right around the corner. May this be a blessing in disguise!!
    Much love!

  21. Scott,
    I just stumbled onto this blog (looking for some other pumper information) this morning and was shocked with this news! You helped me several years ago with my software and I always appreciated your quick response and caring attitude. I was wondering why I never received my “upgraded” pump and now I know why!
    I’m so sorry you have to go through this, but I sense you will not be unemployed for long. Best wishes for a quick “recovery”!

  22. Scott,
    I was already bummed, but now I’m double-bummed about this news. I don’t understand why Smith’s couldn’t make this work through stategic parnerships or something.
    I’m sorry to hear how much this affects you. I’ve always been impressed by Cozmo reps I’ve come in contact with, so finding out that you are one only makes perfect sense.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  23. Major suckage!!!
    I had no idea you worked for Smiths. I was telling hubby about your lay off last night and as I was telling him I was wracking my brain….I couldn’t think of where you worked….I knew he would ask….well, now I know why.
    Feeling a heart tug for you…..I hope and pray you find something soon. God knows the hairs on your head….er…maybe not your head:-)…..but He does know what you need.

  24. Hi Scott,
    I just heard about the sorry situation at Smith Medical. Myoptic vision prevented them from seeing the opportunity to continue helping millions of people throughout the world with diabetes – if only they would have suported my CGM which will lead to an ARTIFICIAL PANCREAS. See my article on the inter net: Google: “Toward Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring”. Please send me your resume. We are a very early-stage start-up, looking for funding to conduct animal studies. Send me your email and I will send a Cover Letter, Executive Summary, GANTT Chart Task List, Consortium Member list, and an Elevator Pitch. These relate to the Company’s developing CGM which will lead to the next generation CGM and an ARTIFICIAL PANCREAS. Yes, we also have the Algorithm necessary to make the entire process invisible to the patient. We also have available a 510(k) , FDA approval, for a high-precision, insulin infusion pump.
    Prayers for your continued strength and success.
    Albert P. Kretz, Ph.D., MBA
    Advanced BioSensors, Inc.
    email: [email protected]
    Cell: 440-231-1039
    Phone: 440-975-9543
    Fax: 440-974-4765 .

  25. It makes me angry when lower people get hurt in a decision like this- workers and end customers now lost without support. Its a high up decision to quit and its not cool- it burns bridges on a whole bunch of levels to pull a plug like that.
    I’m glad for you to see it as another opportunity. With optimism like that, you will land on your feet somewhere. You can do anything if you put your mind to it. One time, I used a lapse of work to gain a whole new level of control with diabetes.

  26. Oh dang it, Scott. Double phooey.
    I hear and read about lay-offs every day and still don’t believe it’s happening – until, of course, I’m reminded by and upclose and personal situation.
    Well, you already have the advantage of the db teaching us to be flexible and adaptable, and that attitude is the greater share of the battle.
    I know that with trust and patience, the perfect job will come to you, and Bernard, and anybody else out there in a similar situation.
    All my best, KP

  27. I’m so sorry, Scott – but I agree with you that it’s exciting too. I am certain there are wonderful opportunities out there for you. Sometimes it takes a lay-off (been there, done that) to shake us up to move in exciting, new directions.
    I wish you the best.

  28. So sorry, Scott! This just sucks on so many levels. Thank you for your candid disclosure here. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you going forward.
    All the best,

  29. I’m so sorry this happened to you, Scott. Keep your chin up. I hope there’s good news on the job front very soon.
    See you on Saturday.

  30. Scott, you’re in my prayers dude! You are an amazing person and I know God has bigger, better plans for you. Too bad we can’t always see the big picture for a while, but it always works for the good. Focus on Romans 8 and James 1 for some “vertical encouragement” =)

  31. ahha! so that is why the generic answers on the last visit 😉 it makes perfect sense now though and I can appreciate why you would want to keep things separated …
    Prayers are going up for you and your family! I truely believe everything happens for a reason and God does not give us more than we can handle (although he pushes the envelope) … through the difficult times seems to be where we grow the most … you will survive and conquer because that is the kind of man you are! Hugs & Love!
    I agree with Sara…I’ll be hunting for something in Cali! haha

  32. Oh no, Scott!!!! I’m so so sorry. That really sucks. I admire your positive attitude though – and I know good things are on the horizon for you. But hugs from me and Pea!

  33. I am so sorry Scott. Like everybody said, something better will come along. When one door closes, another opens. Keep your positive attitude. There’s no way that the diabetes community can’t use your knowledge and your compassion. Something will come along.
    Please know that I’m sending you good vibes!

  34. Scott – when I read the news yesterday, you were the first person I thought of. I am so sorry this happened, but yes it will open amazing opportunities for you to explore. You have a great spirit … you will go far!

  35. I am so sorry Scott. It seems like this kind of news is becoming more and more frequent. It breaks my heart knowing that such a wonderful product is no longer, but even more so that so many good people lost their jobs as well.
    Your attitude is amazing, and I know great things will come to you. Any future employer would be very lucky to have you. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, and I am wishing you amazing opportunities to come!

  36. Again Scott – I was very sad to hear your news 🙁
    It took me a while to connect the dots between your lay off and what I knew you did for a living (when the press release hit the ‘net).
    I am trying to think of the positives here – you know MiniMed is based in California, right. Maybe you could move closer to George! 😉

  37. I am so sorry. Even though we do not use the Cozmo pump, I am sad to see a great pump fall by the way side. I am sorry that you are no longer employed there. As you are a great employee, I am sure you will find a fantastic job soon. I hope you will love it as much as you did this past job.

  38. wow Scott, I am so sorry to hear of your lay off and even more surprised with your connection. We adore our cozmo and like you, believe it is too good to just go away.
    so, care to share in inside talk on who may purchase Cozmo??????? I think someone has to. It’s an incredibly good pump with incredible features, that no one else has.
    Good luck to you!!

  39. I am so sorry! I have a Cozmo and you have helped me on the phone before with software I think. I believe the Como has the best programming out there.

  40. Wow … I didn’t even know you were with them! Their exit was somewhat surprising to everyone, as the company hadn’t hinted at it in investor presentations previously as is often the case. Nevertheless, I think your experience will be applicable elsewhere, and just remember that there are more companies operating in this space than ever before: Medtronic, J&J/Animas, Roche/AccuCheck/Disetronic, Nipro (from Japan), Sooil (from South Korea), and Insulet (Omnipod). I’m sure your experience would be welcomed by any one of them!

  41. Scott,
    I’m so sorry. I had no idea you worked for Smith’s. I can’t imagine one day having a job and the next day not. You and your family will be in my prayers.
    You have a very positive attitude about it. Hopefully, something even better is around the corner for you.

  42. Scott
    Your a wonderful person and I agree with Carey – another diabetes related company would be lucky to have you!
    I’ll keep you in mind on my job search and forward anything your way!
    As always friend – YOU ROCK!
    Kelly K

  43. That’s a real shame dude. Hopefully things will work out in the end. Like you said “there is something better just around the corner.”
    Good Luck.

  44. Scott,
    So very sorry that this has to effect you both personally AND professionally. I’m still in shock about it, and my sadness is because of all the great people who won’t be working on a great product.
    There’s always a reason and something we need to learn from hard times. Hopefully it will be evident and you will soon find your next opportunity. Hang in there… and let me know if I can do anything.

  45. Scott,
    So sorry. You are good people and another diabetes-related outfit would be lucky to have you. Best of luck. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open.

  46. Man, I’m sorry, Scott. I had no idea you worked for Cosmo. Best of luck with the new opportunities – my fingers will be crossed that something even better comes up quickly!
    And since I’m finally responding to one of your posts instead of vice versa, I just want to say I always appreciate how you take the time to comment on my rather sporadic blog postings. Thank you!

  47. I’m so sorry. 🙁 Last night I was telling my mom and sister about it, and my mom asked what you did for a living and I RACKED my brain trying to think of what it was! I figured I should know. Well now I do. My Mom and sister have added you to their prayer list thingys (catholic school stuff) and I’m still praying for ya.
    I love how in the midst of all of this you are finding the positives, and are excited to see what is in store for you now!
    We are all here for you!

  48. I started connecting the dots when the news hit the ‘net so soon after your twitters…
    I hope you find something new soon, especially with all those other medical device places nearby. I know I felt the most satisfaction when I worked for a medical device manufacturer, even in a low level role.

  49. I was so bummed for all the folks who were laid off, even before I knew I ‘knew’ someone. My great experience with Cozmo has been more about the people who work there than anything else, and I’m very sad to be loosing the great support I’ve had over the past 3 years. I hope that what’s around the corner for you is fantastic!

  50. I was worried about you when I read of Cozmo being discontinued, but I hoped maybe you weren’t effected somehow.
    I’m so sorry you lost your job, and I’m very sorry to see Cozmo go.

  51. Aww Scott, I’m really sorry to hear this.I’m just glad to hear that you seem to be managing to look at it with a partly positive attitude. I really hope you find a job that will utilise your skills and talents – and your compassion and understanding – soon.
    While I’ve never used the Cozmo, I’m also sad to see it go and see to see the choice of pumps reduced.
    I’m thinking of you.

  52. OMG Scott! 🙁 Thats terrible news!! I was just on the phone earlier with Wendy (Candy Hearts) and we were talking about everyone that worked for Cozmo being out of jobs and how upset we are that we’re gonna be forced to choose another pump. I had no idea you worked for Cozmo, ya lil bugger!!! LOL!!
    I’m really VERY sad about this because we did our homework looking for a pump to suit Kacey and this was the best choice for her and now in 4 years it’s gonna be taken away. I can only hope and pray that another company swoops in and takes over and just renames the pump!! (in an ideal world right?) You know the saying…when God closes one door He opens another 🙂 Something will come open for you and it may be bigger and better than you could have imagined! Keep your chin up and know that you have SO much to offer to the diabetes community (online & real life) Good luck!!

  53. ahhhhh! I had no idea you were in with Cozmo and my heart is hurting for you! I’m soooo sorry! As you know my family has recently been through the unemployment crisis and YES! You will be given great new opportunities, I know you will! Lots of prayers coming your way, and for all the Cozmo employees! What a sad, sad day to really put life into perspective….for all of us. (HUGS)