Of Course I Should Have Known Better – THYROID!

I have been feeling tired again, despite using my CPAP machine every night.  My blood sugars have been running high.  I’ve been trying to counter that with ever increasing amounts of insulin, without much success.  I’ve been gaining weight.  I can’t focus or stay on task for long.  Everything is harder.

thyroid7All these signals are pretty clear looking at them from the other side of my latest endo appointment.  My thyroid levels have dropped off the charts.

I had some vague ideas about all of the things that are affected by low thyroid levels, but really didn’t appreciate the severity of it.  For most of my life I’ve just taken a small pill or two to “fix” the thyroid issue, and that was that!

But I recently fell into a lazy rut about managing my prescriptions, and had been taking old, expired thyroid pills for the past couple of months.  And it bit me in the ass.

I feel like shit, and it’s my own fault.  The kicker of it is, these pills are the cheapest of my routine meds.  I don’t even have the excuse of them being too expensive.  I think it has a lot to do with my trying to order (and pay) for everything together once a quarter.

I’m on new pills now, but the doc says it will be about three weeks before I start feeling better.  I can’t wait!  But at least I have an explanation for how I’ve been feeling, and for my blood sugars running so stubbornly high.

And, I’ve also learned my lesson about expired pills.

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14 thoughts on “Of Course I Should Have Known Better – THYROID!

  1. I just wanted to mention that about a year ago I was having problems with my thyroid, and after initially being misdiagnosed, another doctor got it right when he found out I had subacute thyroiditis. This occurs when inflammation of the thyroid causes the gland to “leak” excess hormones, resulting in temporary hyperthyroidism that generally lasts a few weeks but may persist for months. I don’t require any medication for this, just routine blood tests twice a year,

  2. Scott, I JUST went to the doc on Tuesday and got my Synthroid dose bumped up because my levels were low as well…. so I can TOTALLY RELATE! “3 weeks” can’t come soon enough because, as I have blogged about, I have felt like %&$* too lately, dude!!! Hugs!

  3. Scott,
    I too had problems with my throid and once it was found it took nearly two years to get back on track. So be patient it will come back, slowly but it will come.

  4. Funny how things always seem so obvious once you know the answer. But with symptoms like tiredness and wonky blood sugars, heck it could have been anything!
    Glad it was something with a pretty simple solution and that you will be feeling better soon.

  5. It’s always good when things like this can be easily remedied.
    I’m glad you realized what it was and will be feeling better soon.

  6. Scott,
    Glad you figured it out.
    So many possibilities with diabetes when you are not feeling great and bgs are running high. 🙁

  7. Ewww, of course we can’t wait! Why can’t that magic pill just kick in now! Sucks when we feel so crappy and have to “wait” to see a change in feel good….hard too when stress and depression mimic the same symptoms, we always assume stress before investigating further don’t we? At least you have an answer 🙂

  8. Sorry to hear your not feeling well. BUT I’m glad you’ve found out what it is and it’s in the process of being fixed. Hope you feel better soon!

  9. Scott, I’m glad you got to the bottom of this. I’m sure this has something to do with the binges and other feelings of frustration. When our baseline feelings of goodness start to drop, it tints everything else negatively. I hope you feel better soon.