Sunday Tags, Part Two – Eight Is Great

I was tagged for this one by both Rachel and Penny (thanks!).

I’m not a huge “meme” kind of guy, but figured I should get this one done and out-of-the-way, rather than procrastinate on it (sorry Chris!).

Eight things I’m looking forward to:

  1. Always looking forward to hanging with my kids and family
  2. Some real advancements in therapy specifically for type 1 diabetes (a cure would be nice too)
  3. Some snazzy tool that will scan my food and give me a precise carbohydrate count
  4. Paying off my debts
  5. Hanging out with good friends and family
  6. Actually going bald so I don’t have to shave my noggin’ so much
  7. Icy cold beverages (yes, I’m always looking forward to one)
  8. Getting done with my “meme” obligations 🙂

Eight things I did yesterday:

  1. Had some ice-cold beverages (Diet Coke and Crystal Light Peach Tea)
  2. Went a photography class that I didn’t like very much
  3. Read most of a book
  4. Relaxed (it was really, really nice)
  5. Took a long nap (which was really, really nice too!)
  6. Played with my kids and hung out with my wife
  7. Finished up some computer work
  8. Tried to fly a kite with my daughter

Eight things I wish I could do:

  1. Eat healthier (both nutrition and portion size related)
  2. Speak multiple languages
  3. Slam dunk!
  4. Ride my trikke
  5. Dedicate more time to playing with my kids (they’re growing up fast, and before you know it they’ll not want to hang with me)
  6. Speed read (and retain it all)
  7. Take better pictures (a work in progress)
  8. Be more handy

Eight shows I watch:

  1. The First 48
  2. Mythbusters
  3. Dirty Jobs
  4. Dexter
  5. Spongebob
  6. dLife
  7. The Boondocks
  8. NBA & NFL

Eight people I want to read eight things about:
I’m going to skip this part (again), which is really lame of me (sorry).  If you want to jump in and share your eight things, consider this YOUR tag!

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