Up the Tree and Bullies

A couple quick “tidbits” today:

1) I recently read a post on Wendy’s blog about a new blog that her mother is starting.  Wendy’s mom is looking to connect with grandparents or other extended family of those living with diabetes and/or celiac.  It got me thinking.  Those of us living with diabetes, and parents of those living with diabetes have this place to connect.  But does the desire to connect go farther up the family tree (or maybe across or down)?  Apparently it does!  Stop by her blog and share your thoughts on how you want to see that community come together.

2) Setting the record straight.  I saw this video on Kelly Kunik’s blog yesterday, and I have to say that it stirred up some emotions for me.  It is a video about young kids dealing with bullies and being taunted about their diabetes.  I don’t remember ever dealing with anything like this, so it caught me off guard to experience an emotional upsurge.  Check it out if you like (forgive me for being so American, but I totally dig their accents too!).

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8 thoughts on “Up the Tree and Bullies

  1. Thanks for this post, Scott :~)
    The video struck a chord with me, too- surprised to find myself tearing up… Even though I myself don’t have diabetes, I know my son’s experience at middle school age being the most difficult. No one likes being different at that age- he was already on a pump, but didn’t want anyone to see it or his sites. Fortunately he, too learned that telling the facts to the curious helped the most.
    Now to go back and take a look at Wendy’s post. I sure wish I had had the community of support that is available on the internet today.
    Robin, whose son Kevin was diagnosed at 18 months- is now 19 years old. Read a little of his story at http://www.squidoo.com/RobinThomas

  2. Awww…thanks for helping my mom, Scott! Sometimes I forget that Addy’s dx affects more than our immediate family. My mom loves her like crazy and just wants to connect with others who are supporting loved ones from a different perspective 🙂

  3. wow! I didn’t grow up with diabetes. Diabetes found me at in my early 20’s. I can’t believe…ok, It amazes me. People really need to get educated about diabetes, all type’s. Thanks for sharing.
    Can I borrow it for my blog?

  4. Wow…how sad. I think the Internet and texting, etc. has made it worse for all forms of bullying. Having said that what a wonderful way to ‘set the record straight’.
    I grew up in the late ’70s/early ’80s and went to a very small private school, everyone in my class had pretty much attended all 8 years together so we were unusually close. I don’t remember anyone teasing me there. In fact I was lucky as many of them were very protective of me. It was my alleged ‘best’ friend, a girl who lived next door, who teased me about needles–but by then I knew she was an idiot and didn’t listen to her 😉

  5. Scottie J
    Tried to link on Wendy’s and her moms blog and the link isn’t working.
    Could be on my end thanks to massive t-storms. I’m interested on reading all about it though!
    As far as the vid, yeah, kid or not, it hit home.
    I experienced some taunts, and for the most part laughed them off while giving it right back. But I’d come home, go up to my room, lock the door,& have a good cry. As a kid I had this thing about never crying in front of my classmates or anyone for that matter. But I’d shed a lot of tears in private.
    PS – I also dig the accents!
    Kelly K

  6. Glad to know the DOC is extending it’s family borders. Uh, to My family — any takers? Anyone? Want to learn, be educated? Hmmm…not yet eh? Ok, whatev. I got another 24 yrs in me.
    And to the video — it struck a cord with me. I did not deal with that kind of harshness or if I did, I repressed the memories long ago. It is a great video tho. Gets right to the point and I love that.
    And uh Chris, it explains a lot. 😉

  7. RE: accents. I changed the voice on the gps I was using in my rental cars to “Female British” because it’s hot. I also named my gps Giselle….working on the road for 9 out of 12 months does strange things to you. It’s like cabin fever or something.