Up the Tree and Bullies

A couple quick “tidbits” today:

1) I recently read a post on Wendy’s blog about a new blog that her mother is starting.  Wendy’s mom is looking to connect with grandparents or other extended family of those living with diabetes and/or celiac.  It got me thinking.  Those of us living with diabetes, and parents of those living with diabetes have this place to connect.  But does the desire to connect go farther up the family tree (or maybe across or down)?  Apparently it does!  Stop by her blog and share your thoughts on how you want to see that community come together.

2) Setting the record straight.  I saw this video on Kelly Kunik’s blog yesterday, and I have to say that it stirred up some emotions for me.  It is a video about young kids dealing with bullies and being taunted about their diabetes.  I don’t remember ever dealing with anything like this, so it caught me off guard to experience an emotional upsurge.  Check it out if you like (forgive me for being so American, but I totally dig their accents too!).

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Scott K. Johnson

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