Making Time Fly

There are two sure-fire ways to make time fly by.

  1. Raising kids
  2. Diabetes meet-ups

Raising kids make years seem like days, and diabetes meet-ups make hours seem like minutes.

Saturday I got together with a small group of local members here at Diabetes Daily.  It was a lot of fun (as it always is), and we had some really insightful conversations (as we always do).

I always learn so much from being able to sit down with other people and visit.  This is especially true when I’m visiting with other people who deal with diabetes.  We are all made up of different experiences that shape who we are, and listening to those stories, opinions, and expectations, really teaches me a lot.  I love it.  Every time.

Picture of Dean, Scott, Martin, and Bea


Dean, Scott (me), Martin, & Bea, with Jennifer wanting to stay behind the camera (thank you all for coming and sharing your morning with me).

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Scott K. Johnson

Patient voice, speaker, writer, advocate, and Senior Community Manager at Blue Circle Health. Living life with diabetes and telling my story. All opinions expressed are my own and do not necessarily represent my employer’s position. Read more…

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