Making Time Fly

There are two sure-fire ways to make time fly by.

  1. Raising kids
  2. Diabetes meet-ups

Raising kids make years seem like days, and diabetes meet-ups make hours seem like minutes.

Saturday I got together with a small group of local members here at Diabetes Daily.  It was a lot of fun (as it always is), and we had some really insightful conversations (as we always do).

I always learn so much from being able to sit down with other people and visit.  This is especially true when I’m visiting with other people who deal with diabetes.  We are all made up of different experiences that shape who we are, and listening to those stories, opinions, and expectations, really teaches me a lot.  I love it.  Every time.

Picture of Dean, Scott, Martin, and Bea


Dean, Scott (me), Martin, & Bea, with Jennifer wanting to stay behind the camera (thank you all for coming and sharing your morning with me).

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11 thoughts on “Making Time Fly

  1. Twin Cities meet up was great. I left feeling light hearted. I had to laugh at being one upped by Scott while answering questions about pumps and sensors. I happily shared my love of technology and how cool my CGMS worked for me and describing its components. Not to be out done, Scott quickly added while his system didn’t transmit to his pump, it did to his cool meter, so what we have to carry around is still the same amount of stuff(technical term). Product loyalty at its best.
    Meet ups are good medicine! I hope this will encourage other locations to get together.

  2. Hi. I’m in the Twin Cities meet-up photo, and am grateful to Scott for his reflection. (I’m the guy in the tie-dye.) I had been Type 1 for twenty-some years when I called my endo to see if there was a website where I might get some emotional support. I’d actually never met another Type 1 (or Type 2), and wanted to talk not about BGs or glucometers or A1Cs (necessarily), but talk about my heart (metaphorical heart, that is) and how diabetes affects it, and love, and my intimate relationships. (I’m gay.) After some time, I got to D.D. and then to our meet-ups, like Saturday’s.
    After my first meet-up, I got into the car and broke down crying, for it had been so wonderful to pass time with people who lived with the same complexities, sadnesses (and joys), and the same practical quotidian matters of eating, testing, and living.
    This Saturday we were only five in the meet-up, but it was great for that reason. We could hear one another (the picture doesn’t show that I have hearing aids), and be heard. I am energized by the group, and the only thing we share (really, the ONLY thing) is Type 1.
    Thanks to Scott for the comment, to Jennifer and Bea for the picture, and to Dean and all for the candor and vulnerability of your participation in the conversation, which, as Scott testifies, flew by.

  3. it was it always is.the best thing is now we can sit outside!!i have to say we are lucky in that there are a lot of us right here who all were on dd so we are able to meet
    its nice to be able to toss out questions and theorys and laugh at what we do.we have done a lot of them but every time its like christmas morning filled with anticpation

  4. It’s always good times with our Twin Cities meet up’s at the coffee shop. We all bring a great sense of humor. Looking forward to our next one in July!

  5. Very Cool.
    Hopefully one day we too can meet. I am sure it would be great. There are a handful of people from my “beginnings” upon Emma’s diagnoses that often comment when i do post every 3 months or so. And those that i really could not have gotten through some moments without them…and you are one of them of course.
    Thank you Scott…and i really hope one day to meet you and a few others.

  6. Great pic there!!! I wish can join you guys one of these days…howabout a meet up in Malaysia?? take it as a vacation ^_^

  7. Very cool Scott.
    Glad you got time with them. It’s so good to have face-to-face time with others who get it. 😉
    And kiddies, oh how they grow up so fast!