Blood, Sweat, and Basketball

I finally took my sorry butt back to the gym today (Monday).  I’ve got a boat load of excuses for not exercising, but in reality they are all bullshit.  I could have made time for it, but just didn’t.

Basketball is not exactly one of those “muscle memory” sports.  It is a “practice, practice, practice” sport.  If you don’t practice your jump shot, it goes away.  I’ve issued an Amber Alert for mine.

When I checked in at the front desk, I asked the guy if he could see the last time I had been there.  April 29th.  Ouch.

So I played a few games, got my heart pumping a bit, had some fun, and even collected a new battle scar to show my wife (why do us guys do that? “Look honey, I got hurt.  Love me”).  This injury was because I had my protective goggles on.  No goggles, no blood.  How’s that for irony?

Picture of Scott with a small cut on his eyelid

I’ll go back on Wednesday to play.   It felt good to get moving again.

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