Diabetes & Heart Disease (A quick “post-trip” vlog)

David Mendosa was also scheduled to attend, but was unfortunately not able to make it.  It sounds like we will be working with David on this project as it matures though.  I value David’s input, insights, and experiences, so I’m glad that he will be involved.

* Disclosure: In return for my participation in the connected council meeting I was paid a small honorarium, and given a Flip video recorder to participate in the “Real Stories” initiative.  My travel, primary meals, and lodging were also paid for.  That does not mean my support and belief in this AHA Project was purchased.  Following the food chain up a step, this particular AHA project is currently sponsored by Takeda. All content is that of the author and not reviewed or approved by the American Heart Association or Takeda

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9 thoughts on “Diabetes & Heart Disease (A quick “post-trip” vlog)

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  2. Hey Scott, thank you so much for all you do for us. You’re not only doing this for the folks in the US but also for us in far flung places like Australia.
    As a former misdiagonsed T2, I appreciate what you said – that info benefits us all. T1s are still in the minority and the hype about T2s doesn’t help. Voices like yours do.

  3. Lots of LOVE, Scott! So glad you could be part of this, and I promise I’ll use my Flip soon, too. Just as soon as the swelling goes down in my lips and eye. Geez…

  4. Since I was 18 years old my heart health has been on my mind. I am terrified of the genes I carry since so many have died of heart attack in my family. I am glad this is happening and I look forward to further posts about it.
    thanks Scott.

  5. Hey Scott, wish I would have known/had time to meet you. We can see DFW airport from the top of the hill up the street. Glad you enjoyed your time in Dallas!