I Feel Amazing!

I exercised today for the first time in a long time.  It sucked hugely while I was working out, and I hated almost every second of it (ok, it wasn’t THAT bad).  I’m very sure I will hate it even more when I wake up tomorrow morning (or is it the second day soreness that is the worst?).

But, I felt AMAZING the rest of the day!  I swear, I got more done today after exercising first thing, than I’ve accomplished in the past week combined.  I could literally feel my mood improving.  I felt the urge to be productive again.  Obstacles that seemed like show stoppers last week felt a little smaller today.

I was at the gym for barely over an hour total, that includes both changes (into and out of workout gear), showering, and finding equipment and space at a YMCA that I’ve never been to before.

I could not believe how different I felt today.  Why do I ever stop exercising?

Thank you to everyone that offered inspiration and advice – I put it to use today!  I’ll tweet ya from the gym as soon as I get there tomorrow.    I owe a special thanks to Ginger, who broke off a little slice of her time to give me a starting exercise plan.  Thanks G!


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Scott K. Johnson

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