That Is Not Pocketable

Chapstick is pocketable.  A small swiss-army knife is pocketable.  A mini-flashlight is pocketable.

Insulin pens are not pocketable.

PocketableI have been using an insulin pump for a long time.  Before I started pumping, they did not have these giant portable all-in-one “solutions”.  These are easier to carry around and use than the old vial and syringe, I admit, but they are big.  Too big.

I started carrying these around recently.  When I was working I would often drive very far from home (300-400 miles), and I wanted some backup that I could rely on.  In the winter I can’t keep my insulin and symlin from freezing when stored in the car, and I’m too absent minded to remember some sort of pouch or package of backup stuff in and out, so I settled.

I settled on sticking these HUGE “pens” in my pocket.  Along with all of the other crap already there (picture above is not everything in my pocket, I’ve also got my tube of glucose tabs, a nail clipper, one of those mini space pens, and a USB drive – more crap than anyone should carry).

These pens hold, what, about 300 units?  How about marketing a pen that only holds 100 units, or even less.  Something that is targeted just for pump emergencies?  I just need enough insulin to get me through a day.

Make it small.  Make it comfortable and easy to carry around.

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Scott K. Johnson

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