The 2010 DiabetesMine Design Challenge

Amy has announced the opening of the 2010 DiabetesMine Design Challenge, and created this really neat little video to kick things off (I love this!)

I love that Amy has had such great success with this contest. Because of that great success, it keeps getting bigger and bigger, which is nothing short of great for those of us living with diabetes.

Take a moment to recognize that this gives a lot of creative people a chance to get their ideas in front of people who can help them bring that idea to life. Something that doesn’t happen often enough.

Head over to The 2010 DiabetesMine Design Challenge homepage for contest details and check back often for news and updates.


Thank you Amy, and everyone that is helping you pull this together. Your contest may well have a big impact on many of our lives down the road.

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Scott K. Johnson

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