What Do You Wish They Knew?

William "Lee" DuboisI love my “brother in diabetes” Wil.  He’s a guy who “gets it”, and has a really incredible talent for writing that is a pure joy to read (did you guys read his recent breathtaking “Man vs. Wild” post?).

I had the chance to meet Wil in person last summer, and it was like we had been friends forever, just like I imagined it would be.  Wil is a great guy.

He has written and published two fantastic books on diabetes, which I’ve raved about here before.  If you haven’t read them already, I encourage you to do so.  They are both full of value, insight, visualizations, and Wil’s gift of story telling.

A while back Wil said that he was working on a Type-3 Manual. You know the term Type 3?  They are the friends and family that love us and care for us.  They don’t have diabetes, but because they are so involved with us, they have diabetes.

What topics would you want to make sure were covered in this manual?  Are there any subjects that are not talked about that should be?  Are there subjects that are talked about too much?  Let’s help Wil make this book a winner, and something that really helps those that love us.

When the book is published, I will buy 5 copies and give them away (via random selection) to those that provide some input here.

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