When Is The Party?

A while back I attended my uncle’s 50th birthday celebration.  It was a big deal.  The party was held at a big banquette hall at a local golf club, and there were TONS of people there.  Many, many family members, as well as friends and colleagues from all over.

This was about eight years ago, if I’ve got the math right, so I only have bits of memories from it.  But I remember special made coffee mugs for everyone who wanted one, and some sort of slide show, and lots and lots of people all having a great time.  It was probably the biggest birthday party I have ever been to.

Big, fun, well planned, lots of guests.  That’s what I wanted for today.  But then reality (aka time, energy, money) set in, and I knew we couldn’t pull it off.

30Today is my 30 year anniversary of my diabetes diagnosis.

For the last few years I have been dreaming of this big fantastic party to celebrate.  Celebrate what exactly?  That is a question I struggle with.  To celebrate all of the hard work, mental struggles, sacrifices?  Yes, that captures some of it.  But there’s a lot missing there.

I celebrate my never giving up.  I celebrate the gritty determination to never quit trying.  I celebrate that I try again after each miserable failure.  I celebrate that although I am tired, I live my life full of hope and energy.  I celebrate the strength it takes to live with diabetes.

30 years is a long time to live the way we have to live.  Yet I look up to so many of you that have lived much longer, and you too fill me with hope and courage that I can do it too.  Thank you.

Maybe I’ll throw my giant party in 10 years. Save the date!

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Scott K. Johnson

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