The Wonder of Stories

I attended a nearby “pump users” group meeting last night.  This is an awesome group that usually meets monthly.  There is often a certain topic they cover, and sometimes there is a speaker, but they also do “round table” type discussions.  I would like to make it to more meetings, but it’s about a 40 minute drive for me, right in the middle of rush-hour traffic.  All that traffic, along with a relatively early start time, make it difficult for me to attend most of the time.

But last night, as I sat there listening to all of the great discussion I was humbled by all of the diabetes experience in the room. Each and every person in the room taught me new things about living life with diabetes.  It was really something special.

You know what the most incredible thing is?  It is not really that special!  By that  I mean each and every person living with diabetes has a story to tell.  Diabetes is the sort of thing that affects each of us differently, yet in similar ways (if that makes any sense).

If you are reading this, YOU have a story to tell.  I hope that someday I am lucky enough to listen to it (or read it, or watch it, or even just soak it in).

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8 thoughts on “The Wonder of Stories

  1. Karen hit it right on the head – that it’s an irreplaceable experience to be able to meet others and share stories face to face. Attending these types of meetings and getting those live connections are just as important as the online sharing. I’m sure everyone there benefited from being able to hear your D-Stories and have another to share their tales with. Those non-special times often turn into the most special of them all!

  2. Awesome!!!! As much as I love and cherish our on-line community, there is nothing better than sitting in a room full of people with diabetes and sharing stories. I wish I got to do it more often.

  3. just being able to hear other people talk about diabetes, instead of the usual situation where other people are asking YOU about your diabetes is a refreshing change.

  4. you are right.its nice to hear what other people have done for things we all go through.and sometimes i think wow why didnt i think of that.