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Day 3 ? Your Biggest Supporter.Sure, our diabetes care is ultimately up to us and us alone. But it?s important to have someone around to encourage you, cheer you, and even help you when you need it. Today it?s time to gush and brag about your biggest supporter. Is it your spouse or significant other? Your best friend, sibling, parent or child? Maybe it?s your endo or a great CDE? Or perhaps it?s another member of the D-OC who is always there for you? Go ahead, tell them just how much they mean to you!

There have been some fabulous posts today. I have loved all of them (of the few I’ve had a chance to read so far…), but there were a couple so far that really resonated with me. Kerri talked about the scaffolding supporting her and Amy really nailed it, talking about the isolation that we often experience in our daily lives, yet how connected we are in the online community. If you haven’t already seen their posts, I highly recommend them!

By biggest supporter is by far my dad, followed closely by my wife and kids. But I wouldn’t be where I am (or WHO I am) without the Diabetes Online Community. Thank you!

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