Just Talking – When the Snow Hits the Fan

I had the pleasure of talking with Christopher Snider, from “A Consequence of Hypoglycemia” a couple of weeks ago.  He does a weekly podcast called “Just Talking“, with a wide variety of guests, and it is a fun way to spend an hour.

Chris also recently completed his first Tour de Cure bike ride (go Chris!), so naturally we talked a bit about my new addiction to biking, and how he is hoping to keep riding too.

Just Talking Podcast Logo

Just Talking – Episode 25: When the Snow Hits the Fan – Run Time 1:05 and some change.

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Rose E. Delle Donne
Dear Scott, I enjoyed reading your story and viewing your pictures on facebook. You attitude is an inspiration to all. And your encouragement gives me hope to face another day. Your bikes were awesome too as was the city on Minneapolis and the sights. I was wondering if their were any Cinelli Bikes in the race, they are distant relatives to my family and I wish I had one or could even ride one at this point. My biggest problem is Neuropathy, so driving, walking or riding a bike is a bit difficult, but I look forward to adopting you… Read more »

Awesome. You know what??? That bike looks good on you and you look very good on it! What a great new addiction to have. And thanks for all those links. I’m plugging my Zune in right now 🙂

Moha Antani

I find it so inspiring when people finish any kind of marathon/race. It makes me so happy seeing people do what they love and mark off a set goal! Congrats!

Sean Smith



I checked out the podcast yesterday – it was great! And those pics from the ride are awesome, Scott. You make a badass Red Rider. 🙂