D-Feast Friday – Scott Style

My “contribution” to this fabulous recipe sharing idea is what NOT to do
while cooking grilled cheese sandwiches. Do NOT try to multitask and
get things done while cooking.

I need to remember that I have burned the crap out of every grilled cheese sandwich I’ve made in the past few months, and pay closer attention.

Please, do not let your grilled cheese sandwiches end up like mine.

Three burned grilled cheese sandwiches.

For the record, my kids would not touch them. I wasn’t so picky and ate them anyway.


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Sysy Morales
6 years 2 months ago

I found this and thought of you: http://grilledcheeseacademy.com/

Bob P
6 years 2 months ago

Hmmm….so “accidentally” burning the sandwiches took you from getting to eat one sandwich to getting to eat three sandwiches? Acciidental. Hmmmm….. 🙂

Scott K. Johnson
6 years 2 months ago

Haha! You guys are fabulous and make me SMILE!!!
I always eat my grilled cheese sandwiches with TONS of ketchup (and sodapop, of course)!

6 years 2 months ago

Lol I knew you post a grilled cheese sammich lol or should I say a burnt cheese sammich haha

6 years 3 months ago

ketchup or ranch dressing and those are totally good to go. Or even just like that. Those of us who don’t cook can’t be too picky!!